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Today Starz’ announced that two of their shows, American Gods and Ash vs. Evil Dead will have a presence at Comic Con.  You can find the info below…. (more…)


We last saw Sgt. Leo Barnes two years ago in Los Angeles during the Purge of 2023; the annual holiday where all crime, including rape and murder (except of high ranking government officials) are legal. Though avenging the death of his toddler son drives Leo’s existence, he realized that the Purge wasn’t as it seems. Wonderfully hinted in the first film (2013) and all but screamed in the second (2014), the Purge is a thinly veiled exercise in population control where the upper class psychopaths prey on the defenceless, eliminating the “burdens” of society. Realizing that murder won’t bring him happiness, nor bring his son back Leo moves on.

Two years later, we reconnect with Leo in Washington, DC; where he is leading a security detail for a popular Presidential candidate. Senator Charlene ‘Charlie’ Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) has been on the frontlines, rallying against the Purge for decades. Fifteen years ago, Senator Roan was the sole survivor of a Purge night attack on her family. Since that fateful day, she has dedicated her life to ending the annual lawless holiday. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) stands to oppose the Senator and thus “Keep America Great”. Crime and unemployment are at an all time low while, consumer spending and overall happiness are at its highest, since the institution of the Purge. While the debate rages on about the ethics and morality of the Purge, its supporters conclude that America has never been better. In response to cries of the Purge being an instrument of classism, xenophobia and racism; the NFFA strikes down one of the few rules of the event. The use of class 4 and above weapons are prohibited, but for the first time, any government official, including those of class 10 or higher are not exempt from the Purge this year. For Leo Barnes, keeping the Senator alive through the night is his only priority; and that isn’t as easy as it seems.  (more…)

joe harris_awesome conDespite being distinctly disparate forms of media, we live in a day and age where comics and film are more closely associated together than ever (thanks largely to the various film adaptations that are now out there).  With that in mind, I caught up with prolific writer, Joe Harris, at Awesome Con, to discuss this current landscape of comics and film that we, as fans, live in.  As someone who has written in both comics and film, Harris provides a unique perspective on how film has evolved; particularly, those inspired by comics.  In addition, he also sheds light on some of his future projects as well.  You can check out the interview below… (more…)

Movie Review – The BFG

June 30, 2016


The young, orphaned Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is an insomniac. Usually up late reading, Sophie’s normally quiet night was disturbed by a presence. Unbeknownst to Sophie, that presence was that of a Giant. Plucked from her bed by the Giant, Sophie is held captive in the Giant’s lair somewhere in Giant Country. Giants have a long standing reputation of being large and dumb, but also cannibals; however, Sophie’s captor Runt, as he’s called teasingly by his bigger, meaner, man eating brothers is fairly friendly. A vegetarian, Runt protects Sophie from the others, since his diet doesn’t consist of cooked humans. Runt even brings Sophie along when he is capturing dreams for his collection. The two become fast friends, but the longer Sophie stays with Runt, a Big Friendly Giant, Sophie’s life is in grave danger. (more…)


Hot off the heels of their other announcement, Entertainment Earth has revealed yet another exclusive for Comic Con attendees (however, if you read in the fine print of the press release, there may be hope for those not attending).  Check out the press release below… 




 Today Marvel Comics announces some exciting new for Black Panther fans!  Check out the press release below…. 



Announced today, Arclight Cinemas and San Diego Filmmakers are partnering to create a unique forum.  Find out more about the forum in the press release which also highlights the Kickoff Event (celebrating the partnership) set to commence on July 19, 2016.



Hello there, exclusives collectors! Are you dying to get a figure of C-3po from the Battle of Takodana? Well, if you traveling to San Diego for Comic Con this year you may be in luck as Entertainment Earth announces the Jakks Pacific C-3PO Figure with Red Arm.   Check out the press release below…



With San Diego Comic Con 2016 only weeks away, expect announcements to pour in from the various movie studios and television networks in the weeks to come.  With that said, Nickelodeon has unveiled today what they have planned for the pop culture event.  Curious to know what they have in store for attendees?  Find out in the press release below… (more…)


It’s been 20 years to the week since Will Smith and the remnants of the USAF battled aliens looking to harvest America (and I GUESS the rest of the world). 20 years since Bill Pullman as President Whitmore delivered one of the greatest presidential addresses in the history of the position (real or fictional). 20 years ago, a failed astronaut, a cable repairman and a drunken crop duster pilot, worked together to save mankind. (more…)


Whether on the small screen or big screen, actor Jeremy London has popped up in both mediums to deliver memorable performances over the years.  Not a stranger to the convention scene, I asked the actor/director about his Awesome Con impressions (especially seeing that this was his 1st year coming).  In addition, I also took the opportunity to ask him about the MALLRATS sequel (which, at the time, was still under the wraps). Check out the interview below… (more…)


The high-profile world of professional modeling is a risky business. Lost under the glitz, glamour and fashion are those yearning for the validation of a popular few. Though breaking into the business is easier said than done, maintaining relevancy is the name of the game. In a business where you’re considered “old” by 21 years old, newcomer Jessie (Elle Fanning) is naturally turning heads. Fresh off a sweet sixteen, Jessie has arrived in Los Angeles to become a model. After her first photo shoot, Jessie hangs out with new friend Ruby, a makeup artist (Jena Malone) and Ruby’s other model friends Sarah (Abbey Lee) and Gigi (Bella Heathcote). Wary of the new kid on the block, veterans Sarah and Gigi aren’t as welcoming. Adding to her struggles are Jessie’s living conditions. Renting a seedy motel in suburban Pasadena from a less than trustworthy guy, Jessie is in more danger than she realizes.  (more…)


There are two very interesting stories being told within The Free State of Jones. The bulk of the film tells the story of Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey), a field medic for the Confederate Army during the height of the Civil War. As the war raged on, Knight deserted his company and defended his and his neighbours’ property from pillaging Confederate cavalry. The penalty for desertion (and most crimes under the CSA) is death; so Newt ran. With the help of friends, Newt joined a band of runaway slaves, hiding from trackers in the swamps. The group grew larger as more deserters and runaways sought refuge from the all consuming war. 5 became 10 and 10 became 100 and soon the ‘colony’ sought more permanent dwellings. Eventually, after overtaking the small town of Ellisville, ‘The Knight Company’ sought to secede Jones County from Mississippi and become The Free State Of Jones.

However, as I’ve stated; there are two storied being told in this film. In late 1948 Newt’s Great Grandson Davis also fought for his freedom. Given the common knowledge of Newt Knight’s second marriage to a former slave, Davis was dragged into court to prove his ethnicity. It’s a rare occurrence where a child’s paternity wasn’t a of the father’s, but of the mother’s identity. If proven to be technically black, Davis could face serious jail time for marrying his wife, Junie Lee Spradley, a local white woman. (more…)

david prowse

Of the many iconic elements of the STAR WARS decades long franchise, few can deny the impact that the villain, Darth Vader, has had not only on STAR WARS, but on pop culture as a whole.  With that said, at this year’s Awesome Con, I was afforded the opportunity to speak with the opposing figure behind the mask, actor Dave Prowse.  In the interview, Prowse opened up about being a special guest at Awesome Con as well as his opinions on the latest STAR WARS film.  Check it out below….



Though this year’s GI Film Festival had quite a few selections to offer in regards to its mission as a festival, there was no denying the buzz generated by one particular film this year, and that was RANGE 15.   Directed by Ross Peterson, the film follows a group of soldiers, who, after a night of partying, wake up to find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  Check out what happened on the World Premiere Red Carpet as the cast & crew discuss their experience in being apart of the film.  (more…)


A time-honoured tradition for outgoing high school students is the senior prank. Usually the senior prank is a banal bit of mischief that is memorable yet largely innocuous. That wasn’t the case at Central High School, class of 1996. Robbie Weirdicht (a CG Dwayne Johnson) a portly, but affable fan of En Vogue was the victim in Central High’s senior prank. A cruel victim of bullying Weirdicht, was never seen or heard from, since that fateful day. The only one to console Robbie in moment of shame was Calvin “The Golden Jet” Joyner (Kevin Hart).  Voted most like to win at everything, Joyner was destined for greatness. 20 years later and now an accountant, The Golden Jet has been grounded by the dream killing mediocrity of adulthood. With his 20 year High School reunion looming and unable to live up to the lore that is “The Golden Jet”, Calvin contemplates skipping the reunion; that is, until he receives a random Facebook message from the unknown “Bob Stone”, who claims to be of Calvin’s graduating class. 



If you follow me regularly, you’ll know that attending film festivals is a regular pastime of mine; so its always great when I stumble upon festivals which I’m not privy to.  With that in mind, I was recently afforded the opportunity to speak with Michele Sorvino, executive director of the festival known as the Golden Door International Film Festival.  Founded by actor Bill Sorvino, the festival-thanks to its focus on supporting filmmakers (unknown or otherwise) and Autism Awareness-is quickly becoming not only a cultural focal point of Jersey City but also one of the premiere festivals in the country.

Seeing that much of the Sorvino acting clan (Paul and Mira Sorvino are on the board) in addition to Michele and Bill run the festival, I asked her about how its she manages to be in a work environment with family members.  In addition, I also asked about she chooses the films that are selected as well what attendees can expect in the upcoming year.  You can check it out below… (more…)



Based on the wildly popular game series Warcraft (1994-2003) and its evolution World of Warcraft (2004 – present), Warcraft finally arrives in theaters for the first time. Set on Draenor, the dying Orc planet, we find a convergence of clans from around the lands amassed at a stone portal. Led by the Orc Warlock Gul’dan (Daniel Wu), the first wave of his army known as the Horde crosses over into the new world. Durotan (Toby Kebbell), the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan has his doubts about the operation but, joins the first wave, sneaking his pregnant wife Draka (Anna Galvin) along with the crowd. As history tells us, invading parties to a new world usually spells doom for the locals. King Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper), ruler of the Stormwind Region learns of the threat and consults Medivh (Ben Foster), guardian of Trisfal. The Guardian is charged with defending planet Azeroth from all that threatens, especially an ancient evil known as The Fell. (more…)

Awesome Con 2016 Recap

June 7, 2016


Springtime here in Washington, DC usually brings a few yearly traditions: The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Easter Monday at the National Zoo, the start of a new season of baseball and the annual open house festivities at a few dozen embassies around town. Quietly stealing spots on our weekend calendars is Awesome Con. Since 2013, Washington’s very own convention covering everything ‘awesome’ has seen exponential growth. Surely there were some of the expectant growing pains in 2015 after an amazing 2014 yet, Awesome Con seemed to be growing the right way. Still the size of a grain of sand when compared to bigger comic/geek culture conventions such as in San Diego or New York, Awesome Con certainly had room for growth in 2016. But, heading into its fourth year, is the Con still Awesome? (more…)


Screen-Shot-2016-02-08-at-8.20.56-AMRecently broken out of police custody by his Foot Clan, Oroku Saki aka The Shredder (Brian Tee) starts gathering the necessary pieces to build a inter-dimensional portal; a gateway to the mysterious (and unnamed) Dimension X. If completed, the portal would allow General Kraang (Brad Garrett) to pass through; allowing him to assemble his Technodrome, a war machine that would surely end humanity. Helping with the portal project is rogue scientist Baxter Stockman (Tyler Perry). His expertise in inter-dimensional transit suggests that our four reptilian heroes have little time to spare before the apocalypse.  (more…)


Tomorrow, the folks who have brought you the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival for 10 years teams up with AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center to launch the Washington, DC Fantastic Film Showcase, a four-night event which will take place at the historic AFI Silver Theatre. Fifteen films representing the best in genre cinema –  fantasy, sci-fi, action, animation, dark comedy, and horror – will be screened. (more…)



As Awesome Con 2016 draws ever closer news regarding the programming will likely stream in each day. With that said, today comes news that hit series A Haunting will have a presence at the convention. Check out the release for more information…


The Angry Birds Movie -2016 (3)On a tropical island inhabited only by flightless birds, Red (Jason Sudeikis) stands out in more ways than one. The entire island lives in relative comfort and perfect harmony. The few malcontents are sentenced to mandatory anger management classes, led by the nauseatingly perky Matilda (Maya Rudolph). While delivering a cake to a chicks birthday party, Red arrives late and can’t control his temper when the recipient refuses to pay for the order, due to Red’s tardiness. The altercation lands Red in anger management class. This is where we meet other characters like Chuck (Josh Gad) a mischievous yellow speedster. Bomb, a round black bird with a short fuse who, when angered physically explodes. Lastly there’s Terence (Sean Penn). Terence is the same type of bird as Red (apparently unrelated), but many times larger and only speaks with a short grunt or a long grunt. No one knows of the horrors committed to land Terence in anger management and it’s probably best that it remains that way. One fateful day the island is visited by its first visitors ever: a ship full of wayward pigs from Piggy Island. The Birds welcome their new friends into the flock, except for the skeptical Red, who questions the omelette loving visitors’ goodwill. 



This weekend the DC area will play host to the 2016 GI Film Festival.  If (by chance) the event is unfamiliar to you, its a festival which (as the name states) dedicates itself to sharing the military experience in and out the of the arena of war.  Distinguished as the first in the nation to exclusively celebrate the successes and sacrifices of the service member through the medium of film, GIFF presents films from new and established international and domestic filmmakers that honor the heroic stories of the American Armed Forces and the worldwide struggle for freedom and liberty.  (more…)

The triathlon is the fastest growing endurance sport in the world and has quickly become the fastest growing sport in the UK since 2014.  In fact, millions of athletes compete in its races each year.  In lieu of this trend, a new film aptly titled, TRI, has begun generating buzz on the festival scene. Written by Ted Adams III, the film follows Natalie (Award-winning actress Jensen Jacobs), an ultrasound tech who is inspired by a cancer patient to sign up for a Triathlon.  However, in the process of her training, Natalie is introduced to the strange (and aerodynamic) world of triathletes-meeting a colorful cast of characters as she trains for the Nation’s Triathlon. With the support of her new teammates, she digs deep to discover just how far she can push her mind and body.

Recently, I spoke with screenwriter Ted Adams III to discuss his history in the triathlon world and how it shaped his construction of the film’s story.  In addition, we also touched on showing the film at the NOVA Film Festival as well as what his desired goal would be in presenting the film to movie-going audiences. Check out the interview below…


George Clooney

Lee Gates (George Clooney) is an outlandish financial pundit for FNN. Much like his real life counterpart CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Gates give ‘can’t miss’ stock tips daily on his show Money Monster. However, the stock market is a gamble. Winners are celebrated regularly as geniuses, while losers plunge into bankruptcy. One of Gates’ pick, that was such a sure winner “you could bet your savings” was  Ibis Clear Capital. The advice was sound, the logic was clear but the tip failed miserably. Reported as a “computer glitch” by Ibis, their new rapid trading algorithm proved fallible and with it Ibis’ stocks nearly flatline; losing somewhere in the vicinity of $800 million. While it’s c’est la vie for Gates, one of the bigger losers of the day, a disgruntled investor named Kyle (Jack O’Connell) sneaks on set and holds the Crew of Money Monster hostage.

Searching for ‘answers’, Kyle calls shenanigans on the ‘glitch’ and forces Gates into a vest rigged with explosives. While Ibis Clear Capital tries to maneuver through this PR nightmare, unfolding live around the globe; the man at the center of it all is suspiciously AWOL. Ibis’ CEO Walt Camby (Dominic Cooper). The search is on to find the elusive Camby while at the FNN studios, Gates and his long time producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) continue to negotiate with the desperate Kyle.  



Ghosts. They’ve been a tried and true plot device/element used in horror films since the beginning. However, in RESTORATION, a new horror film set to release on Friday, the typical conventions which we come to expect in such films are turned on its head.  Co-written & directed by Zack Ward, the film follows a couple who find a long lost diary in the walls of their home.  In opening the book, they unwittingly release the ghost of a child that haunts their dreams and waking life, driving them to find the cause of her death and release her soul.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to actor/director, Zack Ward, about the newest film produced by Grit House Film (a production company that Zack co-owns with co-screenwriter, James Cullen Bressack). In the interview, Zack not only sheds light about how the film came about, but also the creativity needed on his part (and on the part of his crew) to produce the film with limited resources.  Check it out below…. (more…)


It’s been a long time since Duncan (Rupert Graves) had been to his hometown in the remote Shetland Islands. His job brought him back to the sleepy subarctic archipelago North of Scotland; and seems like the perfect setting for Duncan and his wife Tora (Radha Mitchell) to start a family. While doing a little yard work (with a backhoe), Tora makes a grisly discovery. A woman was buried under her property. Making matters worse is the body’s missing heart, which had been removed and her back, which is covered in weird markings. Coincidentally, the markings are old runes , also seen in Tora’s basement as well. After being told to not “dig” any further into the story, Tora is unsatisfied with the official investigation and conducts her own. Unsurprisingly, Tora unearths more than rumours, thought to be old wives’ tales.  (more…)


Despite the divisive feelings audiences and critics had toward the ALIEN franchise’s pseudo-sequel, PROMETHEUS, it made a good deal of money.  Not surprisingly, a sequel, titled ALIEN: COVENANT, is now in production in Australia.  Taking place 10 years after PROMETHEUS, ALIEN: COVENANT follows “the crew of a colony ship (called Covenant) who discover what they think is an uncharted paradise only to find a dark, dangerous world-whose sole inhabitant is the ‘synthetic’ David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.” (more…)


Director Garry Marshall is at it again, taking another ensemble cast and pairing it with another Hallmark Holiday. This time, Mother’s Day approaches and we follow four different, seemingly unconnected families as they prepare for the big day.

Sandy (Jennifer Anniston) is a recently divorced interior decorator, shares custody of her two boys with ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant). All is as well as could be, under the circumstances; until Henry divulges his engagement to the younger, more attractive and generally better in every conceivable way Tina (Shay Mitchell). Upset over the finality of her failed marriage Sandy vents her frustrations to friend Jesse (Kate Hudson). Jesse lives next door to her sister Gabi, who is married to her wife Max (Cameron Esposito). The couple also has an adopted son. Jesse, is also married, but to a doctor of Indian ethnicity Russell (Aasif Mandvi). They also have a child together. Gabi and Jesse share two archaic (read: ignorant) parents who are so stubbornly closed-minded, the siblings hid their relationships from their parents, avoiding confrontation. Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) is recently widowed. This will be his first Mother’s Day without his wife and he is still grieving. Now struggling to raise two teenage girls alone, he reluctantly ponders joining the dating scene again.  (more…)

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