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It doesn’t require a love of the theatre – or necessarily even a like of it – to be completely consumed by this adaptation of Les Misérables, which is the most moving piece of musical cinema I’ve seen in some time. By itself, Anne Hathaway’s performance as the destitute, demoralized factory worker Fantine, particularly when singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, is just about enough to give your eyes a perma-glaze. That’s an obvious highlight – one of the more universally recognized songs from the 1985 English language play – but it was more than enough to wash away my skeptical predisposition. (more…)

In 1990, my father bought my two older sisters and me tickets to Les Misérables at the National Theater in Washington, D.C. as consolation for the middle sibling being jilted by her Sadie Hawkins date that day. As I recall, it was an afternoon performance, and for nearly three hours in that theater, we sat transfixed by this musical, the likes of which we’d never experienced. As a fourteen-year-old boy just learning to be a musician, I found the score and the singing to be of the highest caliber I’d heard to that point in my life, and it has rarely been surpassed since. Also, of note, the program booklets given to the audience contained one small ad in the very back that excited me to no end – it was the image of Cosette with words announcing a filmed version to be coming soon, with the Tri-Star Pictures logo in the bottom corner. Finally, after 22 years and a lot of studio problems later, Universal Pictures is releasing the filmed adaptation of the Les Misérables musical… and it is, for all intents and purposes, every bit worth the wait.

Academy Awards

The pinnacle of awards season has to be the Academy Awards. The excitement for the nominations can sometimes even outweigh the awards themselves. Today, just minutes ago the Academy Awards nominations were announced. Want to see if any of your favorites were announced? Click on this post to see who was nominated:


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