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Winters Bone

This review is certainly coming well past the release date, but every once in a while I actually do miss a movie come opening weekend. I know, it sounds like complete heresy but it does happen. So when I miss one and all of a sudden it’s nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture as well as an Academy Award for Best Actress it peaks my interest and makes me want to revisit my apparent loss. Could it honestly be that my schedule prevented me from seeing a truly great film and wonderful performance? Well, sometimes in my opinion Hollywood and the Academy of Motion Pictures make a terrible mistake. This is definitely one of those times.


Academy Awards

The pinnacle of awards season has to be the Academy Awards. The excitement for the nominations can sometimes even outweigh the awards themselves. Today, just minutes ago the Academy Awards nominations were announced. Want to see if any of your favorites were announced? Click on this post to see who was nominated:


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