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Fans of HBO’s Eastbound & Down will happy to hear that on Sunday, February 19th it’s coming back for yet another season of the show that centers on the story of Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride.  The show Life’s Too Short also debuts the same night.


30 Minutes or Less

Sony Pictures has announced the arrival of their recent comedy 30 Minutes of Less on Blu-ray and DVD this November.


 How does one pull off the perfect crime? Do you try to do yourself? Of course not, you force someone else to do it!  (more…)

Your Highness

I enjoy laughing just as much as the next person does.  I mean, who doesn’t.  Laughing puts a smile on our face and makes us feel really good.  I laugh at silly things, ironic things, and plain old stupid things.  Even bad movies can have bits of humor in them that are extremely amusing and entertaining.  Cursing in an inappropriate place is also pretty funny.  But I have to remind myself when watching a comedy that laughs aren’t everything.  Sometimes after watching a movie I laugh.  Not at the movie but at myself for actually having sat through something that I should have gotten up and walked out half way through.


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