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Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Are you a Gleek?  Well, this reporter is a fan of the show and considers himself a big Gleek.  Fox’s Glee is a powerhouse on television.  Every week they put out some fantastic scenes that take today’s pop songs and make them their own.  The characters are in high school, so we totally get a good sense of all of the different groups that make up a typical high school.  And considering the number of songs, and CD’s that Fox releases each year, it’s only natural that they would have this all-star cast go out on tour to perform and bring in Fox some more cash.  This movie is about that concert series.



Are you a Gleek?  For those of you in the know that means a total Glee fan of the show on Fox television.  If so, than this event is totally for you. 


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