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MOVIE REVIEW – Moneyball

September 23, 2011


When you were in high school and were picking fellow kids for sports teams how did you pick?  Be truthful now…  I’m sure a lot of you out there picked your friends, the popular kids, the ones that always played sports.  But if you think about it really hard, you likely weren’t picking primarily on athletic ability.  Sure, popular people can be good in sports, but people that don’t necessarily fit the image of perfection, be it in popularity or athletic perfection can be really good players too.


Aaron Sorkin

HBO has picked up a new untitled Aaron Sorkin Project starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer.


Academy Awards

The pinnacle of awards season has to be the Academy Awards. The excitement for the nominations can sometimes even outweigh the awards themselves. Today, just minutes ago the Academy Awards nominations were announced. Want to see if any of your favorites were announced? Click on this post to see who was nominated:


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