The Hobbit is back on Blu-Ray this November with the extended edition. It’s Available from November 5, but pre-orders now on Amazon or today. There’s only 13 more minutes of footage in the extended edition, bringing the running time to a svelte 182 minutes. There is about 9 hours of special features to keep you busy. Watch Peter Jackson’s transformation of New Zealand to Middle Earth or listen to one on the new director’s commentary tracks. The Blu Ray is also available in 3D. Both versions include an Ultraviolet version, for download to mobile devices.

Legends of the Knight poster

The art/practice of storytelling has incredible power in our lives.  It can not only act as a means of encouragement and inspiration, but it can also act as a means of discouragement.  The former especially holds true when dealing with the subject of heroes; particularly, with DC Comics icon, Batman (otherwise known as the Dark Knight).  With that in mind, I had the pleasure of speaking with director Brett Culp, director of the upcoming documentary, LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT, which addresses this topic.  In the (more…)

William Shatner, Roseanne Barr, and Wayne Knight on the TV LAND Press Line

William Shatner, Roseanne Barr, and Wayne Knight on the TV LAND Press Line

In celebration of classic sitcoms as well as original ones, TV LAND was on hand at Comic Con with an impressive lineup of guests.  Including the likes of icon Roseanne Barr (Roseanne), Comic-Con sensation and Hot in Cleveland LIVE guest star (more…)


From the minds of the hilarious and irreverent Internet sketch group Mail Order Comedy, “Workaholics” is a single-camera comedy featuring three friends who work together from 9 to 5, live together from 5 to 9 and party (more…)


Ever since Marvel Studios struck box-office gold with THE AVENGERS, other studios have since seemed to follow suit by announcing plans for their own respective “shared universes” (here’s looking at you Warner Bros. and 20th (more…)

Gravity     It’s a rare occurrence for me to get excited for a big budget movie these days. With a few exceptions of course, 2013 hasn’t lived up to the hype created by it’s trailers that oversell the product. However the trailer for Gravity, the new film from Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron, seems promising. With the underrated Children Of Men from 2006 and the 2004 film Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban in his credits, Cuaron is one of those directors that carefully chooses his films.

In Gravity, the premise is simple. Two astronauts are caught in a shower of debris that cripples their shuttle and threatens their lives. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney stars as the only two characters in the film. Watch the newest trailers here for “Drifting” and here for “Detached”.  After a year of delay and 3d post production conversion, Gravity with land in theaters on October 4 in IMAX 3D and other large format 3D theaters.




Morph Logo

Following up on the success of last year’s Browncoat’s Unite: The FIREFLY 10th ANNIVERSARY reunion panel, Science Channel today announced its lineup for this year’s Comic-Con.  Today, the network known for smart, lean-forward content will (more…)

Movie review: R.I.P.D.

July 19, 2013

The Rest In Peace Department employ only the finest, recently deceased lawmen in human history. Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is the newest to join the R.I.P.D., Walker who was shot in the face, literally by his partner Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) has alot to deal with. Aside from being dead, remember, he was shot in the face, Walker has agreed to spend 100 years in the R.I.P.D. with the hopes of returning to earth after his term ends. What follows is the obligatory training and acclimation in to the force. Lead by Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker), who hands down the assignments from heaven above.


The R.I.P.D. is charged with hunting down and removing those that don’t want to stay dead. Naturally, or supernaturally as it were, the dead turn into monsters if they don’t go on their journey through the afterlife. R.I.P.D. slowly starts to turn into several other  franchises at this point. More on that later.


Movie Review: Red 2

July 18, 2013

red-2 Red 2 is as good as the first! There’s really nothing more than that to say. It’s the most important thing to take away from this review. I wanted to save you the time over the next 600 words and simply say the Red 2 is as good as the first. It’s been another year of sequels. While this year has been particularly lackluster, Red 2 can be added to the very short list of sequels worth seeing.   However, as a reviewer; it would be pretty lazy to leave this review on that note.  We’ll go delve into the shenanigans of the film in a bit but, Red 2 could be setting itself up to be a franchise worth following.  (more…)

Archaia Entertainment

First you may be asking yourself, “What is Archaia Entertainment?”  Well, Archaia Entetainment is an imprint of Boom! Studios that publishes eclectic comics and graphic novels.  Today, the publisher has not only revealed what can be found at their booth (#2229), but has also revealed their list of giveaways and exclusives.  Check it out! (more…)

Well the time has come yet again folks!  Tomorrow will mark the unofficial start of the mega geekdom event known only as San Diego Comic Con (or “The Con” as stated by many passionate fans)!  Lasting five days, starting first with Preview Night (more…)


Victor Crowley is back in HATCHET III, the new installment in the horror series about the swamp dweller who slices and guts his luckless victims apart. Kane Hodder returns as the hideously deformed Victor Crowley and Danielle Harris again plays the (more…)


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today confirmed that it will be releasing the classic DC Comics character, Martian (more…)


Here are the top 10 movies of the weekend as compiled on Sunday July 14, 2013. There are some surprises. Pacific Rim opened this weekend to a less than spectacular showing. The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots finished in 3rd in it’s opening weekend. With an estimated budget of $190M, Pacific Rim didn’t have enough fight in it to earn a top spot. Despite help from IMAX and 3D sales Pacific Rim only managed a paltry $38.3M. The Lone ranger is the other big surprise. Cap’n Jack Tonto snagged $11.1M more in it’s 2nd week. Making only $71M domestically, The Lone Ranger could be the biggest bomb of the year.



IDW has fans clamoring for their highly anticipated exclusives at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and now it’s time to crank the excitement up even higher (you didn’t think that was possible, did you?) and reveal IDW’s panel and signing schedules for the (more…)

This October, STAR TREK: KHAN will show intrepid readers just how the master villain of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS became the intergalactic menace seen in the blockbuster film. Over six thrilling issues, Khan’s secrets will be unlocked and the (more…)

Vikings fans! HISTORY has launched its first Instagram account – @VikingsonHistory! There, fans can follow to check out Vikings photos from season one and real time photos from Comic Con.  Also, fans are encouraged to share their Vikings (more…)

Con of Darkness Party

Seven plus North American entertainment properties leading in horror, thriller and suspense content are joining forces to celebrate genre entertainment at this year’s Comic-Con by hosting “Con of Darkness,” an evening genre-party saluting Comic- (more…)

Ever wonder about “the visual eye” needed to bring what we see on the screen to life?  Places such as an eccentric  chocolatier’s delectable factory, a supervillain’s Antarctic hideout, or a superhero’s alien home world, would never be realized without the tireless efforts of production designers.  In fact, in the last few years, these particular worlds have recently been (more…)


Colliculi Productions is proud to announce Cole Drumb’s award-winning short film POSTHUMAN will screen at Comic-Con 2013 on Thursday, July 18th.  Featuring the voice talent of Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), PostHuman is an animated (more…)

In the comic book world, few are unfamiliar with the work of illustrator, Gabriel Hardman.  However, unbeknownst to some, his influence can also be felt in the world of film as well.  As a storyboard artist, Mr. Hardman has a hand in many blockbuster action sequences, in films such as JURASSIC PARK III, X2: X-MEN UNITED, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, INCEPTION, and (more…)


This year at Comic-Con, UDON will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of legendary video game icon MEGA MAN in style, with the beautiful new art book MM25: MEGA MAN & MEGA MAN X OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS. Chronicling 25 years (more…)

A little over a month ago, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST director, Bryan Singer, revealed (via Twitter) that he would feature Magneto’s mutant son, Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver), in the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel.  Though Singer revealed in (more…)

The Star Trek Bridge

Hey Trekkies!  You read the title right! The folks over at the New Starship Foundation will be bringing the bridge from Star (more…)

Machinima, the premier network for gamers across the globe, has begun to showcase the first installment of Vigilante Diariesfeature film director Christian Sesma’s explosive new web series starring Jason Mewes—on its YouTube Channel. (more…)


A few weeks back, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed that legendary Superman villain, General Zod, along with a MAN OF STEEL character skin, would be available for their fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among UsNow both (more…)

fan expo

From Princess Leia to Spock, the star-studded roster of special guests at this year’s Fan Expo Canada keeps getting bigger and better.  Joining this year’s previously announced celebrity guests, comprising some of the world’s most legendary names in pop (more…)

THE SIDEKICK, a new short from director Michael J. Weithorn (The King of Queens, A LITTLE HELP) and writer/star Rob Benedict (Supernatural, WAITING), will make its world premiere at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (more…)


Zach McGowan (Shameless), Jessica Parker Kennedy (The Secret Circle, 50/50), Mark Ryan (TRANSFORMERS, THE PRESTIGE), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (24, Hotel Rwanda) and Black Sails series creators Jonathan Steinberg (Jericho, (more…)

ION Television today announced the acquisition option pick-up of season seven of USA’s hit series Psych, furthering ION’s promise to provide first-class content to its viewers. The deal with NBCUniversal Cable & New (more…)

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