That’s right! Shows such as Constantine, The Blacklist, Hannibal, Grimm, Bates Motel and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog are all set to make a splash at this Comic Con in a few weeks! Curious as to what secrets will be shared? Check out the press release: (more…)



TNT is bringing its eagerly anticipated drama Legends to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 with multiple events and initiatives, including the first-ever branded takeover of San Diego International Airport. The gripping undercover drama starring Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings) is the centerpiece of TNT‘s extensive presence at this year’s Comic-Con, which takes place July 24-27 at the San Diego Convention Center.


  Ten years after the great ape rebellion, the Earth has been claimed by the apes. Only pockets of humanity stay, while the apes have established colonies outside of San Francisco. The epicenter of the pandemic that nearly killed the human race (and presumably James Franco) is home to thousands of apes and only a few hundred humans. A map in the prologue explains all of this. Lead by Caesar, a benevolent ruler that is eager to spread his knowledge of the human world; the apes are thriving. A form of sign language is spoken an taught to the young and old alike. It’s been two winters since the last sighting of humans, until a group of explorers, looking for a hydro-electric dam wander through the forest. 

Guns no kill people, Caesar kill people.

Guns no kill people, Caesar kill people.



A few weeks ago, news broke that the new upcoming series, Outlander, would be making its premiere at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Now, you can add “panel” to that list as Starz has released details concerning the series’ panel (which you can check out below).


walker stalker convention

As we are now in the middle of Con season, another convention that has unveiled news today is the Walker Stalker Con.  As title of the article reveals, “The Governor” (from AMC’s The Walking Dead) along 7 additional guests will be in attendance at the event come December.  Find out who in the press release below: (more…)

Courtesy: History Channel

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Bjorn Lothbrok (Alexander Ludwig) look on in History Channel’s Vikings.   Courtesy: History Channel

Well, it appears that History Channel‘s hit series, Vikings, will be making the trip to San Diego in a few weeks as news hits that it will once again make an appearance at Comic Con!  Check out the details (below) in the press release: (more…)

The 2nd Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero


Besides the obvious elements that come into play with superhero films, such as the casting or the effects (which are necessary to bring both the character and their abilities to life), folks often overlook another element which is also vital: the music.  No matter how grandiose and epic a superhero film is, it is “naked” without a sweeping music score to complement it. Don’t believe me? Then imagine Tim Burton’s BATMAN without renowned composer’s Danny Elfman’s “Batman Theme” or THE AVENGERSwithout Alan Silvestri “Avengers Theme.”  Therefore with all that said it has been confirmed that the “Anatomy of the Superhero” Panel will be making a return appearance at this year’s Comic Con!  As was the case last year, the purpose of the panel will be to provide insight on the process of creating a theme, transforming the theme throughout the story line while following the often uphill battle that our heroes travel.  Check the details of the panel below….. (more…)

The-New-Dragon-Con-Logo tease

Since 1995, the event known as Dragon Con, has steadily picked up steam each year, becoming one of the premiere conventions to attend during the year.  To complement its newly established profile as such an event, the convention has revealed a new logo!  Check the new logo and the press release explaining the new logo reveal below: (more…)


Continuing its investigation of mysterious phenomena, Science Channel’s most watched series last year, Unexplained Files, is set to return this month for a second season.  Curious to know what the second season has in store? Then check out the press release (released today) highlighting the series’ return:   (more…)

Movie Review – Tammy

July 1, 2014

Melissa McCarthy has been on a roll since her 2011 breakthrough performance in ‘Bridesmaids’. In the 5 films since the release of ‘Bridesmaids’, 4 of McCarthy’s movies has grossed over $100 million.  Needless to say, McCarthy is on a winning streak. In her first screenplay, Tammy, written with husband Ben Falcone; McCarthy could be on the cusp of becoming a dual threat. Actor and writer now, McCarthy is slowly building her brand. In ‘Tammy’ McCarthy is up to her old tricks, and unfortunately, her act is getting old. 

Tammy is one of those movies that makes you question your fiscal responsibility.

‘Tammy’ is one of those movies that makes you question your fiscal responsibility.


Rollin' and Ready To Go Three Nevada teens are in witnessing the beginning of the end of life as they know it. Progress, in the form of a highway is coming the neighbourhood; right through their living rooms. For Tuck (Brian Bradley), Munch (Reese Hartwig), and Alex (Teo Halm) it’s the last nights together and they vow to make it memorable. When the cell phones in the neighbourhood go crazy, the boys go off to find the centre of a mysterious map that has commandeered their phones. Adventure awaits on their last day together, an adventure that would be more than they bargained. (more…)


As stated before, Comic Con is steadily approaching; therefore not surprisingly today Factory Entertainment has announced its fifth Comic Con Exclusive!  Check out the press release below: (more…)


Mr. Freeze as he appears in the game, Batman: Arkham Origins.

Ever wonder how some of Batman’s most infamous adversaries came to be?  Well, whether you like to or not, Fox is betting that you are curious as they bring their new series, Gotham, to the small screen this fall.  Tracing the years of Gotham City (before the appearance of its eventual protector, Bruce Wayne/Batman), the show follows Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) as they battle the criminal underworld within the city.  (more…)


With San Diego Comic Con just a little over a month away, expect news to slowly start to stream in the coming weeks.  With that said, it appears that STARZ is intent on getting the word out early on there new series, Outlander, as they release a press release today revealing that the show’s premiere will happen at Comic Con!  Check out the press release below: (more…)

2012′s Think Like A Man featured four friends in four different types of relationships. The women of the group acquire the Holy Grail of relationship books. It’s a book that promises to spill most of the trade secrets of men and offer an exclusive peek into the male psyche. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey, is the Women’s playbook in this unending game of Battle of the Sexes. Oh, and there’s Kevin Hart. Instead of exploring why a ‘Mama’s Boy’ is just that, Think Like A Man logically played the stereotypes of men and women until its predictable end.

Dueling parties begs the question: What could possibly go wrong?

Dueling parties begs the question: What could go wrong?

The talented ensemble cast (and Kevin Hart) is back and heading to Las Vegas for the wedding of  Candace (Regina Hall), The Single Mom and Michael (Terrence Jenkins), The Mama’s Boy. The stories have been updated, as Steve Harvey’s book assisted in saving their relationships. That progression The wedding will be in Las Vegas; but more important than that are the bachelor parties. The Bridesmaids and groomsmen are out for dueling parties, in a town that specializes in the business of regret and bad decisions. “Happily separated” Cedric (Kevin Hart) has assumed the role of party planner for the men, while the women get an unwelcome surprise that could derail their entire evening.


Jersey Boys

Based on the Tony Award winning musical, Jersey Boys lacks identity. It isn’t the song-a-minute broadway musical, with over produced dancing. It also isn’t a straight-faced biopic like ‘Ray’ or ‘Selena’. As a person that isn’t a fan of, or slightly knowledgable of the 50′s and 60′s doo-wop/pop history, Clint Eastwood had an opportunity to bridge the gap between generations of music. Giving the present a glimpse of the past without being a true musical. Instead, Jersey Boys falls flat; with the routine of musician biopic that follows the same bell curve of a story.

They all seem to go this way:

  1. Naturally talented musician/singer discovers that talent.
  2. Meteoric rise to super stardom
  3. Fall from grace


DragonCon Artist_Literary Guests Announcement

(left to right) Artist Patrick J. Jones & writer Harry Turtledove

Though SDCC will undoubtedly seek to consume the minds of con-goers next month (yeah, July is next month!), not too afterwards there will be a few other Con events that will compete for Con-goers’ affections.  One such event will be this year’s Dragon Con-a convention which will once again take place in Atlanta, GA.  Despite the fact that the show is a little more than 2 months away, announcements are slowly pouring in about what attendees can expect from the show.  One example of such an announcement can be found in the press releases (released today) which reveals that artist Patrick J. Jones and writer Harry Turtledove will be honored at this year’s event.  Check out the press release below : (more…)

After the events of the first film; the small Viking enclave of Berk is full of life, commerce and dragons. With dragons being faster than boats, the townsfolk of Berk can explore new lands at a blistering speed. Our heroes Hiccup and Toothless, while out exploring, run across dragon trappers who tell rumours of Drago Bludvist. Drago is a maniacal pirate that is trying to raise a dragon army. Hiccup, the reluctant heir apparent to become the next chief, tries desperately to escape his destiny; with Drago and possibly war on the horizon, Hiccup’s decisions will save or condemn his village. how-to-train-your-dragon-2-trailer-07122013-112023


Last time on 21 Jump Street:

Captain Dickson: Enough, already. Enough. New assignment. Since you two cowboys love to drink booze, smoke weed with kids and f**k anything with a big ass in jeans with low self-esteem, I’m a send you to a place where all that s**t is allowed.
Jenko: Oh, I love Disneyland.
Captain Dickson: You two sons of bitches are goin’ to college!
Schmidt: Yes!
Jenko: No!

I wanted to believe that ending to 21 Jump Street would be good open ending to one of the biggest surprises of 2012.  Two years later, Schmidt and Jenko are back in 22 Jump Street. Equally surprising is the sequel being as good as the original. The Phil Lord and Christopher Miller film has the same quick wit, bromantic tendencies and over the top ridiculousness as the first. Even Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) is pretty clear when he says with a deadpan delivery: “You’re doing the same thing. The thing you did the first time; you’re doing it again, because it was successful”. There are a few moments like that where the cast doesn’t tear down the 4th wall, but they do give it a swift knock. Poignantly self-aware, even mocking its very existence; 22 Jump Street is smart, crude, crass, raunchy and as surprisingly good as the first.




In a expo that continues to grow year by year, it appears that (via a press release) the event known as the Long Beach Comics Expo will be upping the ante for its upcoming show.  Find out the extent of the expo’s expansion in the press release below: (more…)


Major Bill Cage: Marketing Guru of the Military went from this…

‘Tom Cruise Saves The World’ seems like a common theme in his movies since 2003′s The Last Samurai. Cruise always finds himself in an impossible situation where he is the only, and I mean ONLY person alive that can defeat the enemy. It happened in War of the Worlds, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, Valkyrie, The Last Samurai and all four Mission: Impossible movies. With the exception of Oblivion, the films mentioned before are pretty entertaining, despite  Cruise’s infallibility. Edge of Tomorrow isn’t any different. Tom Cruise saves the world, because he’s Tom flippin’ Cruise. Luckily for Cruise, the marriage of ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Starship Troopers’ proves to be instering and engaging throughout. It’s the first time in a while where Tom Cruise saves the world; and I’d actually like to see him try.



(left to right) Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) & Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman) look on in Season 4 of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES

With two episodes remaining in the fourth season of Game Of Thrones, the show has now become the most popular series in HBO’s history. Episodes of the show, which debut Sunday nights (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), have an average gross audience of 18.4 million viewers, surpassing the previous record set by the 2002 season of The Sopranos, which had an average gross audience of 18.2 million viewers per episode. Season three of Game Of Thrones had an average gross audience of 14.4 million viewers per episode. (more…)

walker stalker convention

If you follow some of the events (SDCC, Awesome Con, C2E2, etc.) that I attend, you’ll know that I am frequent visitor of Cons (especially those that I have yet to experience). So with that said, this recent press release from the Walker Stalker Convention (released today) has definitely sparked my interest.  Created by The Walker Stalkers Podcasters James & Eric, the idea for the convention came from the podcasters’ desire to recreate their unforgettable experience traveling to Senoia, GA to view the set of The Walking Dead and meeting the incredible actors from the show.  However, in addition to featuring cast members of the show, the convention also includes (of course) other talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art.  As stated before, the event will indeed boast many of the stars from AMC’s The Walking Dead; however, the press release (below) promises many more guests will be stopping by as well! Check it out… (more…)


LONE SURVIVOR actor/writer Marcus Luttrell and            director Peter Berg on the “Heroes Then & Now” Red        Carpet at the 2014 GI Film Festival. Photo Credit: Vithaya Phongsavan

As you well know, last week I was fortunate to be on hand again at this year’s GI Film Festival. With such a variety of film selections available to its attendees, there was a lot to choose from in the way of films depicting the subject of war and the military. Therefore to cap off my coverage of the festival, I attended the “Heroes Then and Now” event last Saturday (Day 6 of the festival, if you’re still keeping track). As luck would have it, that night not only included the festival’s Best Of Festival Awards, it also included a dedication to the film, LONE SURVIVOR. (more…)


World Premieres aside, the GI Film Festival saw each of its festival days focus on specific themes related to military life and/or ideals.  Friday (or Day 5), for example, was devoted to honoring Hollywood Patriots as well as the late actor, James Gandolfini.  To further highlight these themes, festival selections, THE FIRST MOTION PICTURE UNIT: WHEN HOLLYWOOD WENT TO WAR and TRAVIS: A SOLDIER’S STORY, took center stage as the films featured for that night.  In addition, actor Gary Sinise was also on hand as a keynote speaker and presenter for the event. (more…)


Earlier this week, the 8th Annual GI Film Festival saw the war feature, FIELD OF LOST SHOES, make its world premiere at the Old Town Theater in Alexandria.  Directed by Sean McNamara, the film tells the true story of a group of young cadets in the Confederacy who are ordered into battle to protect Shenandoah Valley (the breadbasket of the South) from the Northern forces during the Civil War.  While at the premiere, I caught with up with one of the film’s stars, actor David Arquette, to discuss the film.  (more…)

Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions have had their share of successes. It’s the third movie together with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore; the duo last worked together in the likable ’50 First Dates’. In ‘Blended’, directed by long time Sandler collaborator, Frank Coraci; we get an uneven mess of warmth and chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore, peppered with crass humour and fornicating wildlife. 




X-Men: Days of Future Past is ambitious, maybe even too ambitious. The direct sequel to X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past also ties into the original X-Men trilogy from the early 2000′s. For some of you comes the harsh realization that X Men: The Last Stand (2006) actually happened. Deal with it. On paper the dual story line, time traveling double sequel for two series six years apart, will confound the unfamiliar. For the X fanboy and fangirl, Days of Future Past is the movie fans have been longing to see.




As was the case last May, tomorrow the DC Metropolitan area will play host to the 8th Annual GI Film Festival!  Created in 2007, this festival (as stated by the Founders) was made with one simple purpose in mind: to let artists tell the story of our troops, their successes and their sacrifices.  Though the festival has yet to reach its ten-year mark, it has accomplished a great deal since its creation, bringing the subject matter of war and the brave troops who fight them to the forefront.  (more…)


Christopher Nolan has directed and produced a multitude of blockbusters in the past decade, from INCEPTION to his DARK KNIGHT trilogy, and even more recently with his involvement in the MAN OF STEEL film.  Now, after being seemingly “quiet” in the sense of helming blockbusters the past few years, the director/producer appears to be back with his latest likely blockbuster, INTERSTELLAR.  Starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, the film touches on the subject of space travel; however, as is the case with other Nolan films, from the looks of the new trailer (below), it appears that there will be more to the story than initially suspected.      (more…)

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