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BILL AYRES – Owner/Editor/Entertainment Reporter

I’ve been a fan of television and film since I can remember.  I love the fact that good entertainment can make you forget about the world around you and bring you completely into the story being told.  Good entertainment is out there, but unless you’re willing to open your mind and try different things, you might very well be missing it entirely.

I currently am the owner and editor of Reel Film News.  I established the site because I wanted to pass on my entertainment experience to those who appreciate the same things I do.  I enjoy reporting and interviewing any and everyone out there.  There’s always a story to be told and I find everyone extremely interesting.  Their stories should be told and I enjoy giving them the opportunities to.

I am a full member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) and am very proud of it.  I appreciate the opinions of my fellow WAFCA members and enjoy discussing why I liked/disliked a particular film.

I sincerely hope that we can bring you the best in entertainment news and as many exclusives as possible.  Keep watching TV and Film and all other entertainment.  We’re going to keep covering it!

If you’re interested in following me on or, look me up with the email I’ll happily add anyone who is interested. If you have any suggestions or articles you’d appreciate being written, email me at that address and I’ll be happy to address it.


BRANDON TROY – Entertainment Informant

Well folks, where to begin? The media of film is, without a doubt, quite special to me. I appreciate all aspects of its process: from the pre-production phase, which includes hiring of the director and the casting process, to the debut of the film’s trailer, and of course, the film itself. To give you an idea how strongly I feel about movies, (back in the day) it wasn’t unusual for me to pay to regularly see three different films consecutively within one day (mine you, at the time, the price of movies were almost half the price of what they cost now, but I digress…). Therefore among my family, I was (and still am) the guy my friends and relatives go to to access what films to see and which ones to skip. Growing up, film functioned as: an escape when having a bad day, an activity to share with friends and family, and also as an ice breaker when talking to total strangers. LOL…And while that is still true to some degree today, when not investing time in my passion for movies, you can be sure to find me engaging in my other favorite pasttimes: playing videogames or playing pick-up games of basketball. So, I suppose, that’s my spiel. Otherwise, keep it locked here on Reel Film News, for new movie info, reviews, and trailers! And also, feel free to comment on our posts if you are so inclined! Cheers!


EDDIE PASA – Entertainment Reviewer

Movie [MOO-vee] -noun

Origin: mov(ing picture) + ieAlso known as: motion picture

Definition: a sequence of consecutive pictures of objects photographed in motion by a specially designed camera and thrown on a screen by a projector in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement.

Review [ri-VYOO] -noun

Definition: a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation.

Eddie Pasa [EH-dee PAH-sah] -person
Origin: Annandale, VA
Definition: Husband, father, musician

From my first cohesive memory (watching Star Wars in theaters when I was a baby) to the most recent one (as of this writing, Inception for the second time), movies mean a lot to me. They were the friend I turned to after a hard day at school or work; they were the comfort during sad times; they’re a constant source of inspiration, imagination and wonder; they can be a fantastical escape; they’re a good way to kill time; they provide the energy and a rallying cry to those that need it; they’re the reason to get the gang together; what more can be said?

When I was young, my parents bought a Betamax and some movies to go along with it. Over time, our home video devices would include a VHS player, a laserdisc player (which I still have and use!), DVD and Blu-Ray players. My parents knew that I enjoyed film immensely, and while they were often loath to keep me on a steady diet of movies because it cut into homework time, I think they knew that it was something I enjoyed. They let me watch movies to spur on my imagination, and I loved them for it.

I’ve seen my share of good movies and bad movies, always trying to find a reason to enjoy them. My movie collection reflects this – I’ve got quite a lot of DVDs, from Basket Case to West Side Story. My top five of all time, in order, are: 1) Inception, 2) The Shawshank Redemption, 3) The Usual Suspects, 4) To Kill A Mockingbird, and 5) Se7en. You won’t find Citizen Kane on my top 20 list (which I will probably post on here… maybe). I recognize that it is a landmark achievement in film and that it forever changed film and film history; however, I won’t watch it on a random Saturday afternoon, nor will I stop flipping channels when I see that it’s on. My favorite films are those that I can pick out of my DVD rack on a rainy day, pop in and enjoy, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. And that’s where I’m coming from when I write.

It takes a lot for me to dislike a film; if I give something a C, there’s at least something to like about it. If I give something a D or an F, stay as far away from it as much as possible. Like I said, I’ve seen my share of good and bad movies. My tastes run the gamut, from The Blair Witch Project to Bugsy Malone to Hard-Boiled to Grave of the Fireflies to American Pie to Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Henry V and so forth. If it’s a movie, I’ll watch it. If effort is put into it, I’ll enjoy it.

I’ve written movie reviews before in the “user comments” of the IMDB, but RFN has given me the opportunity to bring that writing to another audience. And with that responsibility in mind, I pledge you this: I promise not to be condescending, nor will I treat you as inferior. I may use big words from time to time, but they’re nothing you can’t look up in an online dictionary. I won’t give away any major plot twists or surprises. I will tell you in non-confusing terms about what I believe is good or bad about a movie. If you refute me in the comments section, I promise not to flame you or call you names. And I promise I won’t tell you that it was Mickey and the Reporter.

Eddie is also an Associate Member of WAFCA (Washington Area Film Critics Association)


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