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If you’re a horror buff like me, a lifelong fascination with the macabre is probably one of those traits you wouldn’t immediately bring up at a dinner party. Regardless, you spent countless hours of your impressionable youth warping your sensibilities, and for a select few, molding your futures (for better or worse). That’s right – long before the daily grind of reality had eclipsed your creative spirit, you’d amassed more knowledge on the subject of horror than a hundred production companies could muster in a decade.

Washington DC’s Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival, which yesterday announced its full 2012 schedule, is a haven for the genre obsessed, converging with aspiring and established filmmakers to watch their selections – 53 shorts and features total this year – and discuss the gory details of independent horror filmmaking.  


Last year I covered the sixth annual Spooky Fest, which I discovered was a must for horror fans, particularly those who have become frustrated with a genre lacking creativity in its mainstream representation. If you happened upon my coverage, you’ll understand why I’m so excited that festival founder Curtis Prather has beefed up the lineup substantially for its seventh, and what looks to be bloodiest, year. Screening over 9 nights (October 10-18th), this year’s festival will be held exclusively at AFI in Silver Spring, MD, and will include a forum moderated by Eduardo Sánchez (co-director of The Blair Witch Project).

Look for my commentary on the event including film reviews, roundtable discussions and more here at Reel Film News!



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