If Insidious and Paranormal Activity had a hideous baby, it would look just like The Apparition. Yes, that is meant in the worst way possible.  Written and directed by Todd Lincoln, The Apparition is everything a horror movie should never be. Released under Dark Castle Entertainment, who has also produced known horror films such as House on Haunted Hill and Orphan, The Apparition could have either been a big hit or a huge miss.

The film starts off with a group of college students working on what they call “The Charles Project,” which is basically an experiment of conjuring up deceased spirits. Of course, the plan backfires and an evil entity is released into the world. Leading into the main story of the young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan), who are house sitting for the family, strange things start happening rather quickly and the couple soon realize they may not be alone in the house. Close to giving up hope, they try one last thing to rid their house of this evil manifestation realizing their plan may backfire and turn out for the worst.

From beginning to end, the acting was a failure on a massive scale. The actors were calm and collective during all of the horror moments and losing their minds when nothing was happening. The special effects were pretty bland to say the least and the location the film took place could have been better chosen. The lack of story line will confuse and irritate any viewer. The characters didn’t really have much back history so it was hard to connect as an audience. In a horror film, you want the hero or heroine to come out a winner in the end, but after a while, you’re asking the “bad guy” to just end it already. It was like watching a bad sequel of all horror movies gone wrong. The best thing about the movie is that it’s only 82 minutes long, so the torture doesn’t last forever.

Based off of the previews, one would assume that this film may have some promise. Wrong! The film may have shown a glimmer of promise in the first few minutes, but it’s all a lie. On the suspense scale, it gets a 3 considering every single suspenseful moment was 100% predictable. On the scream scale, it gets a 10, not because it was disturbingly scary, but it was so horrible it makes you want to scream in anger and disgust.  To all horror film fans, try to resist the urge to “boo” and throw popcorn at the screen.


Reel Film News Movie Review by Neshell Hogan

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