On Sunday night, the Washington DC metro area was treated to a concert performance by Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae at Wolf Trap.  Reel Film News was on hand to take some fantastic photos of the nights events!

Starting the night off was the band Hot Chelle Rae who took to the stage and performed a lot of their songs from their album Whatever, released in November of 2011.

The band, feauting Ryan Keith Follese, Nash Overstreet, Ian Sebastian Keaggy, and Jamie Christian Follese delighted fans by singing their hit songs Tonight Tonight and Whatever.  And to top the night off they finished the evening with a performance of I Like it Like That in which one lucky fan got to come up on stage and sing the rap portion of the song.  All-in-all, fans were thrilled to see Hot Chelle Rae in person!

After Hot Chelle Rae left the stage, the fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Demi Lovato.  As the time passed the 8:00pm start they had all anticipated the stands, filled with screaming teenage girls began to shout “Demi, Demi.”  The lights went down, and up came Demi Lovato on a raising platform in the center of the stage allowing her to walk down to the main stage.

As fans know, Demi will soon be a judge on the second season of the American version of The X Factor.  Her most recent album, Unbroken was released on September 20, 2011 and was very well received in the music industry and by fans.

Demi delighted her fans by singing many of the songs that she is best known for and even brought out a grand piano for her hit song Skyscraper.

Demi made a point of acknowledging that her fans look to her as a role model and for advice in many instances.  She said that she’s gone thru many of the problems that young people are facing today and that she is living proof that you can overcome everything from bullying to substance addiction.

The crowd would likely agree that while not a perfect concert, fun was certainly had by all.

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