This weekend at Wolf Trap, Riverdance is making its final U.S. stop before heading across the pond to Europe.  Riverdance is one of those wonderful eclectic performances that if you’ve never seen before, it’s one that you should definitely make your way out to go see before it’s too late.

While I’ve seen bits and pieces of the performances before and watched it on my television on DVD, this is the first time I’ve seen the performance live in person.  And impressed is something that is a bit of an understatement.

Lead male soloist dancer James Greenan is fantastic and is amazingly fast and precise in his movements.  It’s simply amazing to watch him tap on stage and watch as he glides seemingly effortlessly and the tremendously fast footwork on stage.

Our female lead dancer, Alana Mallon is beautiful as well on stage and her chemistry with Greenan is exceptional.  They definitely looked like they were having a good time and playing off each other’s energy while dancing on stage.

One of the best things about Riverdance is the simplicity of the scenery and costumes used to tell each scene.  It’s the dancing and music that are the focal points and where your attention are supposed to be drawn to so everything else is kept toned down.  Costumes look great and are well themed for the Irish Dance though.

Music is excellent.  Mark Alfred is simply amazing on the drums and allows you to feel every bit of the music being played.  His solos are definitely crowd pleasers.

Riverdance is filled with fun, excitement, and beautiful choreography to be seen by all.  Wonderful music combined with dancing makes this a show that no one should miss.  If you’re around town this weekend, definitely make your way out to Wolf Trap to check it out!

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