The action packed Sci-Fi flick, Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott, takes over the movie goers mind this summer.  It fuels the Sci-Fi lovers thoughts with the “What if’s?” and the “What will happen next?” throughout this heart racing film. Sci-Fi movies have appeared to be a slowly decaying genre of film and become more and more repetitive over the years. Will Prometheus be able to stand up the hairs on our neck and bring back the classic Sci-Fi experience we once enjoyed? 

The film opens with an odd and somewhat pointless scene portraying the demise of a humanoid like creature. Leading into 2089, two archaeologists, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover artifacts that leave them to believe our creators, which they refer to as our “Engineers”, have left clues for humans to find out where they come from. Their eager search for answers leads them on a space voyage, funded by CEO of Weyland Corporation; Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), to an undiscovered planet they believe holds the key to life’s questions. Arriving to their destination, mission director Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) instructs the team they are not allowed to make contact if any life is found, which officially starts the meat of the story. Other key characters include the head strong and logical thinking Captain of Prometheus, Janek (Idris Elba). The intellectual and inquisitive humanlike android, David (Michael Fassbender) that helps lead the group on this rollercoaster ride of action and adventure. So many aspects of the story make this film great so no need to give anything else away.

This movie has all the classic components that make a remarkable film; A list cast, stunning special effects,  the thrill factor, and a great underlining theme of “ how did we come to be” tapping into humans natural inquisitive nature. The combination of all these things effectively pulled together a very successful and enjoyable Sci-Fi film. The movie was filled with stomach churning scenes that leave you grimacing in pleasure.

Even with all of the great moments this movie brought forth, a few things did seem disarray. The storyline seemed a bit off at times but collectively told a jolting, action-packed Sci-Fi story. There were a few cliché sci-fi scenes making a few of the “thrill moments” predictable. For those who enjoy the action aspect of a film may become frustrated by the lack of high paced action scenes.

Prometheus accomplished what it set out to do, which was make an entertaining and memorable film. It started off great, ended off strong and toyed with our emotions in the middle. This flick has breathed new life into what was becoming a dying breed of film. Prometheus is one of those movies you have to see for yourself. Bring a friend or two along for the ride because once it’s over, you’ll be talking about this one for days.


Reel Film News Movie Review by Neshell Hogan

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