Tadanobu Asano, Josh Dallas and Ray Stevenson star as Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg in Thor

(left to right) Hogun (TADANOBU ASANO), Fandral (JOSH DALLAS), Volstagg (RAY STEVENSON) in THOR

It appears that Thor 2 will see the The Warriors Three injected with new blood.  Which of these characters will be recast?  Click after the break to find out….

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  actor Josh Dallas, who portrayed Fandral in 2011’s THOR, will be replaced be replaced by NBC’s CHUCK, actor Zachary Levi.   The article states that Dallas, due to his commitments to ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME, had to drop out of the Marvel sequel, set to release in late 2013.  For those who may not have seen THOR, Fandral is a member of The Warriors Three, a group of Asgardian warriors who often fight alongside Thor in his adventures.  At this point, aside from casting news (Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba are all set to return) the past few months, not much is known about the plot.  However, seeing that film (according to the article) is set shoot this July, perhaps Marvel will have some information to reveal for the sequel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con?   

Fandral as seen in the comics

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