Once upon a time in a theater far away plays a fairytale movie that’s so divinely dark, you shouldn’t stay away. Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders, hits theaters with their grim, action fantasy rendition of the Disney classic Snow White. How will this movie portray the beloved tale of the fairest princess, Snow White overcoming the wrath of the wicked queen? Will good prevail with a fantastic and award-winning performance or will evil “reign” on this movies parade?

The tale begins with a brief history of Snow White’s arrival into the world of a perfect and happy family, transitioning from her childhood when the Evil Queen ravages the kingdom and takes hold of the throne she earned through spilt blood of an innocent king (Noah Huntley). The darkness and bitterness she brings in the castle causes great turmoil between her and the inhabitants of the kingdom. With the Evil Queen still reigning, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is locked away in a castle for years with very little hope of freedom. The story finally picks up pace when Revenna (Charlize Theron) questions the mirror with the famous line, “…who is the fairest of them all?” Engulfed in rage by the answer that Snow White is now of age and is fairer than the queen, Revenna sends her brother Finn (Sam Spruell) for Snow White to be taken to her so she can have her heart and become young and beautiful for all eternity. Snow White is able to escape the evil clutches of her wicked stepmother beginning the journey of Snow White. When the queen is alerted of her escape she sends off a widowed Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to capture Snow White.

Good points about this film overall is that the acting was on a fairly high level. Most of the actors gave their character’s life and meaning.  Charlize Theron gave one outstanding and downright deliciously wicked performance as Queen Revenna. She kept the movie going and made it more alluring to watch. The action scenes were enticing and worked wonderfully at keeping your attention even though they presented nothing you’re going to rant and rave about to your friends. The cinematography was remarkable and special effects seemed to tie in perfectly, never over or underdoing the effects.

Now, for the bad… The number one problem one may have with this movie is that it didn’t quite follow the traditional storyline of the original Snow White which may be a pet peeve for people who enjoy a consistent and accurate story.  Second biggest problem was Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Snow White. She doesn’t really give the feeling you are watching a Snow White movie. It felt more like an original, new concept of a totally different fairytale princess which is a major problem considering she is indeed Snow White. There were also times when the movie loses its pace giving the audience scenes that seemed to drag on and on. For the movie goer that picks up on even the smallest details, you may have noticed inconsistencies in the accents of each character which may take away believability. And how can you have a fairytale movie without a Charming Prince love connection?! It took almost the entire movie to figure out exactly who was meant to be the Prince that helps save the day.

Overall the movie was neither a hit nor miss; the good of the movie is equally weighted with the bad. Better casting and a tighter script would have made this movie experience way more enjoyable. So if you ask the mirror, mirror on the wall was this movie fair at all? He would respond with an inconclusive answer of maybe.


Reel Film News Movie Review by Neshell Hogan

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