Reel Film News recently had the opportunity to speak with Chad Halstead from Whale Wars.

Chad Halstead is one of the most talented small boat drivers that the Sea Shepherd’s have.  He’s become quite the master at prop fouling the Japanese whaling ships.  But this season on Whale Wars, everything changed.  According to Chad, the Japanese had invested millions of dollars into combatting their prop fouling techniques.  As a result, this forced the Sea Shepherds into rethinking their strategy and having to come up with a new solution to stop the Japanese ships.

Reel Film News had the pleasure of speaking with Chad late last week about what to expect this season on Whale Wars.  We hear how the Japanese were able to stop their prop fouling and get some spoilers as to how they were able to overcome the Japanese whaling fleets new defenses.

Please take the time to give our interview a listen below.

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