Grammy nominated and multi-platinum band Daughtry was on hand at the George Mason University Patriot Center last night as part of the American Freedom Festival to support the American Freedom Foundation and Reel Film News was on hand for all your concert coverage!

Those of you who are American Idol enthusiasts will know that Chris Daughtry was a season 5 finalist. Although he didn’t win the season, he has become one of the most successful American Idol contestants and has proven himself to be an amazing and talented artist.

Daughtry’s first album was released in 2006 and reached number one for 2 weeks on Billboard’s Top 200 and was the fastest selling rock debut in Soundscan history. The band has had numerous number 1 hits and on November 21st they will be releasing their new album entitled Break the Spell.

Daughtry took to the stage and performed for a crowd of thousands at the Patriot Center. One of the things I most appreciated about this concert was their song choices for the concert. They seemed to know which songs were the crowd favorites and played for the fans.

They performed his songs such as “It’s Not Over”, “No Surprise”, and “September.” Screaming fans of all ages were on hand to listen to the hits they’ve had for the past couple of years. I cannot pick apart any of the performances as I thought they sounded great and each note was hit perfectly.

The stage was minimal as the night was to honor the nation’s veterans and not be 100% about Daughtry and I felt this was completely appropriate. My one quip with the concert was I felt there wasn’t enough front-lighting spotlights and there were some occasions where it was hard to make out facial features during the concert. But that was so minimal that it’s barely worth mentioning. What spoke last night was the music and talent of this band.

After 11 songs performed, SMA Jack Tilley and Karri Turner came out on stage to join the band and announce that to this date, over $1 million dollars has been raised for the American Freedom Foundation. A blizzard on confetti followed with Chris Daughtry joking that he couldn’t see. Even some of his band members were picking off the confetti from the singer in jest.

To finish the night off, a perfect song choice was chosen and that was the hit song “Home.” This was truly the most appropriate song to finish the night’s events and honor our veterans.

Fans that made it to the concert will agree that it was an amazing night and one that will hard to be topped next year. I for one am looking forward for when the band goes on tour for their new album and returns to the Washington DC Metropolitan area soon!

Check out some of the photos we took during the concert below:

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