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Do you really know what it takes to be a shrimp fisherman?  Shrimp fishing is way of life and a tradition that goes back a long time.  And there’s competition in this industry between the shrimperman to come out ahead.  Faced with challenges such as weather, competition, and themselves, these men push forward to do their best.  If this is something that has peaked your interest, thenn now is your chance to find out all about it.  History Channel is premiering a new series in November called Big Shrimpin’!

Series Premiere!

(History) – How could something so little – shrimp – cause a world of trouble? The new History series BIG SHRIMPIN’ follows a group of longtime shrimpers who are fighting to keep their way of life and fighting for their town of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Theirs is a 24/7 job – it never stops. Their quarry is a tiny piece of gold – shrimp.

BIG SHRIMPIN’ will follow a collection of these characters are they battle each other, the weather and crew from other companies as they get ready for the Texas Open, the only area in the Gulf that closes its shrimping for a period of time each year. At the center is Dominic “The Dom,” the owner of a fleet of shrimp boats that ply the Gulf of Mexico. BIG SHRIMPIN’ focuses on three of his boats, one captained by a 35-year veteran who’s always been the top dog, another captained by Dom’s youngest helmer whose young turk crew believes they can get the biggest catch, and a father-son team who are trying to overcome some bad luck and get back on top. The competition is fierce among Dom’s boats, each crew working hard to bring in the biggest haul for the biggest payday. All feel the weight of making a living – for their town, their families, themselves, and an industry. Today, 90% of the shrimp eaten by Americans comes from countries other than the U.S.

No Rest ‘Til Texas: Deep in the heart of America’s shrimping industry, the men of Bayou La Batre, Alabama prepare for the most important day of their season – the start of the Texas Open in the Gulf of Mexico. Dominick’s three captains, known as Bullfrog, Redbone and Roundhead, race to the starting line and the potential saltwater gold that waits them. The past seasons have been tough and the stakes are high. Captain Bullfrog is a shrimp whisperer, determined to outperform his mentor, Captain Redbone, the grizzled veteran who is not giving an inch. Captain Roundhead has had a hard couple of season and is looking for redemption. They each run into trouble along the way and the decisions they each make to solve their problems says a lot about who they are.

About the shrimping industry:

Shrimping has been part of the Gulf since the 17th century when fisherman used vertical nets up to 600 feet in diameter to scoop up the delicacy. With the invention of the flat bottom “otter trawl” along with motorized engines, the territory and depth of shrimping expanded. Currently the U.S. harvests over a half million pounds of shrimp and imports another 200 million pounds a year, more than any other country.

Big Shrimpin’ premieres Thursday, November 17 at 10pm/2:01 am ET

So be sure to tune in your cable box on the 17th of November like we’ll be doing here at Reel Film News.  Be sure to subscribe to the site for more information about the show as we receive it!



  • Nancy says:

    Can’t wait to see Captain Bullfrog!

  • Leslie Childress says:

    I can’t wait to watch the show. I’m excited!! I was raised and still have family there. I may not live in the “Bayou” now, but it is my home no matter where I lay my head. Good luck to the show and I hope it brings a lot of pride to our small community. Let’s catch some shrimp boys!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Cant wait to see the show! My cousin is Bullfrog!

    • Vicky says:

      My nephew is Bullfrog! Can’t wait to see the show! They had a great camera crew! Got to watch some of the filming as they came in from a trip!

    • Chris says:

      What is Captain Bullfrogs real name… i think me and my dad used to mullet fish with him

  • Rhonda says:

    I am looking forward to the show. My son works for Dominic, he works in the shop not on the boats.Born and raised in the Bayou and hoping THC shows these hard working men in a positive light.

  • Vicky Alls says:

    My nephew is Bullfrog. My sister works for Dominic in the shop and I have another nephew who is also a captain on another of Dominic”s boats. I got to see a little of the filming, it was pretty intense….. Good Luck to all!!!!!!

  • Victoria says:

    Can’t wait to see if any parts that I got to see being filmed were edited or not. It’ll be interesting to watch! My nephew is Bullfrog!

  • Frank A Wilson says:

    Not sure if all the caption up top is accurate, but none the less can’t wait to see what I used to try to do when I was little. That’s my family out there still clocking it. It’s a Family Tradition! Nothing but Shrimp Love! FPM-BLB!

  • Ba'say says:

    Honestly all these shows ‘show’ isn’t half of what goes on while working on a shrimp boat. I grew up down DULAC, LOUISIANA , my dad, my uncles, and damn near the whole family had shrimp boats at one point in time.
    I grew up doing this so I can speak from experience. This show will be an over-glorification of a dying way of making a living. Don’t get me wrong, I think its a good idea to show people where they get their shrimp from, I don’t however think that its right for them to cut around everything and miss out on the “whole” experience.
    IMO, think finding shrimpers from LOUISIANA for this show would have proved a better choice. (but much respect for the guys in bayou la batre).

    On another note I have been wondering how long it would have took someone to pick up on this. I thought about this idea long before the “crab fishing” show got big.

    Ohh, by the way HISTORY channel, how about a show about fishing oysters or “crabbers”?

  • Kayla says:

    Cant wait to see the show mii dady is on capt tinkers boat I work n the shop n all the captins are very hard workers so I kno its guna be great

  • Debra Brown says:

    I can’t wait to see the show!! I know all of the captains and have grown up aroud the shrimping industry all of my life. My dad was a shrimperman his whole life, it truly was a pretty good childhood on the boat! I wish all the captains and crew good luck.

  • Lynette Colburn says:

    Dominick is a great owner of these 6 vessels and he is super great to his crews and their wives and families. Ms. Debbie she is super and she keeps everybody straight. There is more captains involved than 3; there are 6 vessels and all the captains are just as important and work just as hard; they need to be recognized as well; My husband Mike is on Miss Ally and has been with his captain 13 yrs with Captain Pat and his son Chris, they are a great crew together; Really excited for this series to let people know about shrimpers and their lives; they live on boats and vacation at home. Really need to recognize all the wives of these shrimpers because nobody knows the life a shrimpers wife unless they live in their shoes.

    • Amber says:

      So true on the wives standpoint my husband has shrimped in the bayou for 11 years he misses everything in our childrens lives even the birth of one but he does it for us…..everyday is a challenge at home alone going days or weeks without hearing from them knowing if they are safe out there. I hope this show gives all the shrimping naysayers something to think about

    • Jill says:

      Real house wives of Bayou La Batre?????????

  • Lynette Colburn says:

    Ba’Say how do you know this; the show has not even aired till Nov 17; I am a wife of one of these shrimpers and this has been filmed all real… until you have been on one of dominick’s vessels you have no right to say its not real… we are very excited for the world to see what our REAL shrimpers work and live…No hard feelings with us we are all friends and work together…

  • Lynette Colburn says:

    gotta back the hardworking shrimpers in bayou la batre 100%

  • Aj says:

    It ought to be great to watch bullfrog and the blackfleet smoke meth and weed. Another black eye to the
    Shrimpin Industry just what we need

  • holli says:


  • lareesia demouey says:

    captain roundhead is my grandfather and i love him so much! <3
    he is oneof the best fishermen i know! you will get to see him and me on television!!! and YES i know ms.Lynette and her husband and what she said is true,this is all 100% true,i promise! please look for captain roundhead and me,lolz! 🙂
    captain roundheads name is actually Roy.I cant wait to see theshow and neither can anyone else in this family.
    after the movie post back your favorite shrimper.
    P.S. vote roundhead! (: <3 🙂

  • Greg Ezykowich says:

    My friend Will Thompson was tellin about this show going on, it happens to be some of his family out there doing this hard work! They have all had a hard time losing a loved one…they worked through these troubles well! The whole family In my eyes is a strong one!

  • Sharkey Wilkerson says:

    My husband is Roy Wilkerson (captain roundhead). He works on the Miss Ashleigh.He’s been a captain for 34 yrs. I’m glad he got a chance to show the world how hard he works.Our son Jonathan works w/his dad,even though Lil.Feller (Bryan) stays right by Roys side cause Roy is a bad diabetic. Can’t wait to show the people where they get the good shrimp from they eat, from the Gulf of Mexico.Good luck Big Shrimpin’.

  • Glenn Parmer says:

    My son in law Mike is on the vessel Miss Alley and he works so very hard and leaves my daughter and their kids for many days at a time and works hard and long days. Looking forward to see the series to really see what he goes through in reality.

  • That's Sir to You says:

    The Dom is my neighbor.

  • SeaJay says:

    Shrimperman? Think they coined a new word for TV. I still prefer Shrimper.

  • Amber Poiroux says:

    I’m glad to see its mostly positive input on the show and yes they need to get shrimpers wives perspective my husband has shrimped for 11 years in the bayou and sacrificed alot he misses everything in our childrens lives including the birth of one but he does it all for us….you dont know what its like going days or sometimes weeks without hearing from them knowing if they are safe out on that gulf. I hope this show gives all the naysayers something to talk about say it isnt a real job then.We love you babe come home soon!!!

  • portia roberson says:

    I cant wait till the show comes out my brother joe is on one of the shrimp boats as well as my nephew lil brian. I am so pround of theam i also work on the water oystering it is hard work all of it. Its all we no down here. I am so glad that the rest of the world will see our hard working men. Portia

  • were do i sign up for the show text me 484 663 XXXX

  • Nhb says:

    About time this business is represented. This ain’t no Forest Gump.

  • kayla roig says:

    My brother johnny was filmed for this show for weeks and we are from Louisiana .

  • Daniel P. Edge says:

    I worked with and at the same time that Capt. Tinker was a deckhand on Uncle Billy Auldes Boats the Little Darling,& the Spur Royal and
    I have some nice pictures of the Joseph Anthony, Miss Hannah, Miss Loraine, and the Miss Ashleigh
    I would run a boat for free for a chance to by it…
    Contact: Daniel P. Edge 904-910-1110 pat_9813@yahoo.com

  • Nancy says:

    Why doesn’t the film crew come to Jacksovnille, FL to see how the east coast does it?

  • CCCBBY says:

    That is because in bayou la batre, shrimping,Oystering and crabbing are some of the only ways we make a living down here. Its just our way of life in the bayou. Jacksonville is huge and not as focused on shrimping as we are.

  • JD Asks says:

    Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what all that bycatch is?? If so do they ever keep any of it? I thank ya, JD

  • paul waddell. waddell seafood says:

    This is a wonderfull show about wonderful people! I have watched the first 3 episodes and waiting for the rest. I have a restaraunt and seafood market in north Alabama. I am proud to say all the shrimp we serve and sale are from Dominicks seafood! American all the way!! I am proud to say that all the people there are the best, top notched! Dominick, Rocky, Jerry and Debbie are great people. I have met the capitain as they are unloading there. They are genuine people that love their work, their boats. I have rope and netting from their boats using as decoration. Dominic’s , your the best of the best! proud of you all!!!!

  • murph says:

    What happened to tweetal dee? All I SEE ON THIS SHOW IS TWEETAL DUMB!! Did any of them pass kinder garden? I have heard one year old speak better than these guys….

  • Avis says:

    I’m from Bayou La Batre, but moved away when I was a kid. I still have distant relatives down there. Is there any place that gives the true names for the shrimpers? I’m hoping I might see some Zirlott or Bosarge connections.

  • Da Big Dog says:

    It takes a special kinda person to be a successful shrimper..and believe me book smart knowledge is not what it it is or is not. some of the old timers could catch fish and shrimp in the middle of I10 while I had trouble catching them in a aquarium. either you got it or you do not. Most shrimpers probably do not realize how much they do know. You have to make quick decisions and know they will be right. A good term would be instinct.

  • OLE BOATS says:

    I was a Skipper of a Coast Guard boat out of Venice,La in the late 60’s early 70’s. I worked with some of the shrimpers out of the Bayou on rescue cases. They were great hard working people. I enjoy the show and it brings back lots of memories. God Bless you guys and your families. Hope the show goes on for a long time.

  • Helen says:

    We stopped in Bayou LaBatre on our way back to SC from New Orleans & got to meet Dominic, Miss Debbie & Capt Pat & his crew. Love the show & meeting everyone was great. We need to let the History Channel know that we want season 2 of Big Shrimpin.

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