2011 Taste of DC Coverage

October 13, 2011

The Taste of DC took place this past weekend and you’re probably wondering if the Taste, tasted any good.  And the resounding answer that that question is yummy.  The Taste of DC tasted very well indeed.

Dozens of DC restaurants filled the streets to provide DC residents, and visitors the very best food they could.  Food types included: pizza, Thai, Chinese, Jamaican, steak, Mexican, health food, fish, chicken, and just about any and everything you could possibly sink your teeth into.

And if food wasn’t the reason to come and you were more interested in quenching your thirst, then you probably headed over to one of the beer and wine areas where Amstel Light and wine was poured by the glass for the thousands of people who flocked the streets.

Those looking to try different wines were treated to a tasting area where local wineries and restaurants showcased their top varieties at an impressive 1-ticket per taste.  It was quite the crowded area so moving around was tough, but it allowed you to spend more time in-between tastes so you could enjoy what you were drinking.

Entertainment was plentiful as well.  Dozens of local bands took to the main stage as well as the bier garden stage to provide some excellent music for the relaxing guests.

If full-fledged concerts were more of your thing, then you probably stuck around at night for Big & Rich on Saturday, Styx on Sunday, and Rusted Root performing late Monday afternoon.  Each concert drew out a large number of fans and no one left disappointed!

Considering it’s been 8 years since the last Taste of DC, this one was presented well.  Some advice for restaurants that attend the next one would be that the majority of people walking up to your booth have not had your food before.  Considering the average meal was 4-5 tickets, a food cost of $6-$7.50 per sampling plate won’t introduce your food to as many people.  Lower your number of tickets and you’ll attract more visitors which will amount to increased revenue at your restaurant in the future.

Groupon, the world’s fastest growing company was the main sponsor of the event.  They set up a tent in the middle of the festivities that included the opportunity to explore their site, rock climbing wall, and you could even learn how to be a fancy bartender and twirl the bottles of alcohol before pouring.  The tent was a big success and all I saw were smiles on the guest’s faces as they left.  I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the Groupon corporate staff at the event and I have to say that they are a young, energetic, enthusiastic bunch of people and it’s no wonder why the company is as successful as they are.  Let’s hope that they come back for the next Taste and continue their sponsorship.

This year’s Taste of DC was a success in my book.  People had a great time and that’s what is most important.  If you want to see some photos from the event please check out the ones below.  Be sure to check back on the site for some exclusive photos of the Big & Rich concert as well as the Rusted Root concert!


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