If you’re as excited as we are to see the premiere episode of Call of the Wildman, the new Animal Planet series featuring Turtleman himself, then you probably want to know what the first couple of episodes are about.  Well, we’ve got the info for you!

Below are the descriptions and air dates for the first 6 episodes of the new series.  Keep in mind that things can change as we get closer to the actual air dates.


“Dirty Jobs” – Premieres Sunday, November 6, at 10 PM ET/PT

A farmer’s cows mysteriously are attacked while cooling off in a stock pond and emerging with missing udders. All signs lead to a group of snapping turtles, and Ernie is happy to jump on the case; however, there’s a catch. The stock pond is overflowing with cow manure and bacteria. Can Turtleman show no fear, find the hungry turtles and restore peace to the farm? Then, a rabid raccoon overruns a local business and isn’t happy when Ernie shows up. Ernie corners the creature in a small utility closet and wrestles it with all his might while avoiding its sharp teeth and nails. One bite can send Turtleman to the hospital and put him out of business. Later, Turtleman discovers he has a nuisance problem of his very own when evidence of a mouse infestation mounts inside his home.

“Groundhog Day” – Premieres Sunday, November 6, at 10:30 PM ET/PT

Turtleman meets his match against a critter with the perfect defense against his barehanded tactics—the skunk. Barricading himself beneath layers of armor is Turtleman’s only chance if he wants to escape the noxious fumes of the trigger-happy skunk. Later that day, Turtleman visits a local farm where he hears the legs of mules snapping like twigs. The likely culprit– groundhogs burrowing just beneath the stables. Showing no fear, Turtleman tunnels underground to smoke out the stubborn rodents.

“Possum Poltergeist” – Premieres Sunday, November 13, at 10 PM ET/PT

A local radio DJ invites Turtleman on his show to share his legendary talent with the world. The radio host challenges him to venture deep into the haunted woods of Kentucky to evict a school of venomous reptiles and rabid rodents, and Turtleman sets out on a wild adventure to protect his bluegrass name and legend. It only gets worse when he’s called to exorcise an evil spirit from a horrified family’s attic.

“The Hunt for Jurassic Turtle” – Premieres Sunday, November 13, at 10:30 PM ET/PT

Deep in the ponds of backwoods Kentucky lurks the infamous Jurassic Turtle, an 80-pound monster straight out of the pre-historic era. Turtleman had a brush with this noble beast when he was just 16- years old but wasn’t able to successfully capture it. Little did he know then that the encounter would begin a three-decade quest for his greatest obsession. Now, after 30 years of searching, Turtleman believes the Jurassic Turtle is finally within reach. Later, Neal receives a call from a farmer who reports a hungry hog that’s eating all of his cash crops. If Turtleman can’t chase it down and banish it from the property, the farmer risks losing both food and money before the harvest.

“Fort Rattlesnake” – Premieres Sunday, November 20, at 10 PM ET/PT

Encroaching wildlife threatens the existence of two of Kentucky’s most cherished historical landmarks, and only the state’s most skilled animal rescuer can save them. Turtleman encounters a vicious raccoon at a 150-year-old trading post and must remove the creature without damaging the historic structure. It’s man vs. beast, and whoever makes the first mistake decides the future of one of the last standing stores of its kind. At Fort Logan, the slightest misstep could be Turtleman’s last as he tracks down and captures a rattlesnake that has forced the outpost to close its doors to the public.

“The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond” – Premieres Sunday, November 20, at 10:30 PM ET/PT

Turtleman awakes to see his beloved outhouse destroyed by an overnight storm. But the rebuild needs to wait when he receives news that one of his top rescue ponds is scheduled to be bulldozed in a matter of hours. But this isn’t just any old rescue pond. Nicknamed “Alcatraz,” it’s where Turtleman has released the 12 most ferocious snapping turtles he ever has encountered. Now, he has no choice but to dive in and risk his life to save his friends, with convicts including “Deputy Stub Tale,” “Gospel John” and “Tiger,” a monster snapping turtle that Turtleman spent hours wrestling years ago. Later, Neal, Turtleman’s right-hand man and secretary, receives a nuisance call from a 90-year-old woman who has been frightened out of her home by a potentially venomous snake.

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  • Makena Vos says:

    i love your show.how do you get the animals with your bare hand. love Makena Vos

  • RAY DIGILIO says:


  • Tony Howard says:

    This show is full of nonsense. Turtles attacking cows? This is so ridiculous. The fact that this fool can get a television show shows that Animal Planet does not care about animals, just making money.

    • Lee Robinson aka Logoman says:

      Hay tony if you dont like it dont watch. Weve got enough haters in this world.
      Turtle man is honest, kind, skilled and talented. He and his friends are very entertaining. We love the call of the wild in syracuse NY.

  • Tony Howard says:

    This show is ridiculous. Snapping turtles do not attack cows. The fact that an inbred moron can get his own television show proves that Animal Planet only cares about making money, even if it means exploiting animals and allowing animal cruelty.

    • nasr says:

      if u hate it so much y the fuck r u watching it then

    • Julie Redmond says:

      snapping turtles can attack anything that steps into the water. You’ve apparently never seen a cow pond before? Probably not a good idea to call someone a moron when your argument reflects that title back on you.

  • Carey says:

    What city was your episode, “fort rattlesnake” filmed? The part where you got the racoon out of the 150 year old fort looked like a spot that my husband and I stopped at when visiting Cumberland Falls. I’d appreciate a reply. Thanks! Be careful out there!

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