F.A.M.E.!  That’s what we all want and there’s no denying that Chris Brown, T-Pain, Kelly Rowland, and Tyga all have it.  And seeing them live on stage is a sight to be both seen and heard!

Chris Brown headlines the F.A.M.E. tour and has an impressive 3 opening acts to warm up the crowd.  And warm them up, they certainly did.

Starting the night out was Tyga, a relatively young performer and new to the solo world.  The crowd in the audience was primarily young, and the younger the fans were, the more familiar they were with Tyga.  He did a great job and ended the night by promoting his next album.

Up next was the one and only female performer to grace the Verizon Center’s stage.  And they certainly brought in the crème de le crème.  Kelly Rowland walked out in a great suit jacket over a bodysuit.  Showing off her style, and her amazing body she powerfully sang her songs and mesmerized the crowd.

Next up was T-Pain.  I have to give T-Pain a lot of credit.  He was very good.  I’m familiar with a lot of his songs and was excited to see him perform.  He didn’t let down the crowd at all.  What struck me as odd was that when you see him on screen he looks very imposing, but up close and personal I didn’t get that sense at all.  He’s an extremely talented artist and musician and with over 45 minutes of performance time, I could have enjoyed even more.  I suspect that we’ll be seeing him headline his own tour very soon.

And then the culmination of the evening.  Chris Brown took the stage.  The crowd erupted with excitement and cheering.  His stage was amazing.  It was a combination of what seemed like tubes, platforms, ladders, slopes, and camouflage behind the set was the perfect setting for him to perform.  Brown definitely knows how to charm the camera and frequently utilized some close-ups to get up close and personal with his adoring fans.

Brown certainly knows how to appeal to his primarily female audience fan base.  He came across as strong and powerful when needed, and soft and sweet on other times.  He also knew what the ladies wanted and took off his shirt to reveal a tattoo laden chest.  All that being said the night was a huge success and everyone that I saw walked away impressed, in awe, and deeply satisfied.

This was a very good concert and definitely one to check out when it comes to your home town!

Reel Film News Concert Review by Bill Ayres

Photo’s by Bill Ayres

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