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Are you a fan of the show?  Have you ever wanted to try out catfish noodling?  Well, we’ve got the details on how you can put your name in to be on the show!

Half Yard Productions is accepting applications for you to be on Hillbilly Handfishin’.

Here’s what their website says:

Hillbilly Handfishin’

Noodling(verb): the art of using your bare hands as hooks and feet as bait to catch giant fish.

Oklahoma natives the Bivins family have been “noodling” for enormous monster catfish for generations as far back as anyone can remember, and when the Oakie Noodling Fishing Tournament was established their unparalleled skill and tenacity for catching the very biggest of fish quickly took the competition by storm. Now with their newfound fame the family has decided to try and turn their passion into a business, inviting visitors from across the country and even across the globe to come fishing with the champs and try their hands (literally) at hooking a monster of their own!

Think you’re the next reality TV star? Would you like to be part of an amazing fishing expedition? Are you adventurous, and ready to leave behind your laptop, cell phone, and email for a week? Would you like to mend a close friendship, relationship or marriage that has suffered a few rocky patches? Are you known for having a big personality, and being hysterically funny?

If so, then we want to hear from you. The show will feature attractive couples, charismatic people, between the ages of 21 and 42.

To visit the site to submit your application, please click here.

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  • David Sweeting says:

    I am looking for information on how to get my wife and her 2 cousins on the Hillbilly Handfishing show

  • TJ Smith says:

    How can I get an application to fill out for me and a friend to be on Hillbilly Handfishin?

  • natasha yates says:

    Me and my soon to be husband and his mom and dad and my mom and dad wanna come see if we got what it takes to handfish….we are form ky but we have ever done this ….

  • Michael MCclimans says:

    Im a eild & crazy man who loves fish & wants to be one with nature. I want bring my best friend who runs a tanning salon & who needs a wake up call to real life

  • pamela kelman reed says:

    Me and my boyfriend would like to go noodling with Skipper and jackson,we dont need to be on the show but would like them to show us how its done.Please let us know how we can go and learn how to noodle with them.We are from Ga andlove to fish.I am affraid of fish bitting me but want to get over that fear,ii think Skipper and Jackson can help me do that.Please contact us at my email address pamkelman@ymail.com Thank you for your help and time.We didnt apply for the show because he is 47 and Im 50 years old.again thank you Pam and Jimmy

  • brian francis says:

    Me and my buddy Eddy…also know as crazy eddy…wanna be noodlers on yur show….we fish like crazy but thought it wood be so cool to catch catfish wit our bear hands….give us a chance and we won’t let yu down.

  • robert butler says:

    I love fishing for catfish iv allows have wanted to go hand fishing

  • shawn may says:

    my name is shawn may and i am 31 years old. i am in the army and currently stationed at fort bragg. i have been here for about 9 years and i absolutely love to fish. i am scared to death of what is below me in that muddy water but i am not scared to overcome my fear. my wife kristan feels the same way i do except she is scared to overcome her fear.

  • hunter says:

    that sucks that i cant be on the show just because im 12yrs old i am tough and i can deal with pain and i really want to get on the show because im a huge fan.

  • Judy Day says:

    I would love to be on this show with my 3 sons, I’m 60, and they of course are grown..it would be a blessing to be able to do this with them..My younger 2 like to fish but never this way, and my oldest lol, he’s a pastor of a church on Maui and not really into getting into muddy water…lol it would be interesting indeed..

  • Brandon Wangen says:

    Hi this is Brandon I was wondering how me and my girl friend could go hand fishing with skipper and Jackson not on the show but if we did get on it would be a nice time she has gone fishing one time and I just want her to accept nature more to over come her fear if you could e-mail me back it would be wonderful my addy is cheechnshine@gmail.com

  • deborah says:

    why is the age limit to 45? im 53 years old and my husbnad is 50 and we would love to be on the show,i wanted this to be a part of my bucket list.lol.I know i can do it cause i love to fish.Cant you make an exception for a 53 year old and make her bucket wish come true?

  • angie says:

    tried to get the app for the show but it will not pull up… ?????

  • Caroline Spain says:

    Hi Hillbilly Handfishin! My name is Caroline Spain and I would absolutely LOVE it if me and my bestfriend, Lauren Lacefield, could make it on your show. We are just two Arkansas girls that love fishin but we have never been handfishin before! In our spare time we are usually workin hard at Hooters giving people their beer & wings. It would be quite an experience with us two considering there is never a dull moment between us. Give us a chance to get away from this small town for a little bit and let us experience some hillbilly handfishin!! It will be a blast! :) xoxo


    Caroline & Lauren <3

  • Is there any way I can just book a weeks vacation without being on the show

  • diane routhier simone monegeon jana bolan says:

    Hi my name is diane And how can i get a app for myself and my two friends we are from canada and would like to know how to get on your show we are big fans of this show thank you hope to hear from you soon

  • mitchell jones 430 linn st. apt.4 boone ia 50036 says:

    Mitch jones here.me and my brother,sam hill,(yea that’s his name). We live in Iowa & go fishin all the time for catfish. Its been 5 yrs or more since I’ve caught one! Sooo the hell with the pole,I want to noodle!! We r both in r mid 50s but that shouldn’t matter, skipper & jackson ain’t no spring chickens either! Lol give us a shot, please!

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