Hillbilly Handfishin'

It’s time for another episode of Hillbilly Handfishin’!  It’s the middle of noodling season in Oklahoma and the fish are hungry.  This episode is entitled A Laugh, a Scream, and a Giggle.

This trip we’ve got Joe and Kevin, self-professed “metrosexuals.”  Joe’s wife gets upset with him because he takes too much time in the bathroom.  Next we have Jose and Chris.  They’re co-workers at a small appliance repair center in Maryland.  They’ve been working together for 20 years.  And last but not least we have Linda and Kate.  They’re a mother and daughter team.  They want to do some bonding together.

Skipper and Jackson are looking forward to meeting this group.  They size everyone up.  Chris is a “big boy” and Jose is not the “tallest” in the world.  Linda is one of the oldest guests they’ve had.  Kevin and Joe from Chicago…Skipper just doesn’t know.  Jackson says he doesn’t know what “metrosexual” is.  Jackson’s comments are pretty funny.

There’s some bonding going on between the participants at the ranch.  Chris checks out the tornado shelter and there’s excitement in the air to go noodling.  Linda loves to fish, but in 13 years, she’s only caught 3.

The first day begins and it’s rise and shine!  Skipper and Jackson plan on starting everyone off slow and bring them to the Red River.  Everyone starts sinking into the mud in the river.  Skipper begins their journey with some handfishin’ 101.  The first priority is to find the hole.  Everyone gets a chance to feel what a hole feels like.

Now it’s time to get the competition started.  Skipper calls Chris and Jose up first.  Skipper directs Chris into a hole.  Chris is a bit anxious.  He gets his hand in about a foot and he’s found a feisty fish.  The fish bites him.  He’s determined to get his hand into its mouth and pulls him out.  He’s caught himself a 10 pound blue catfish!

Skipper and Jackson scout on ahead and the others hang back trying to find some holes.  Skipper and Jackson are trying to be quiet and sneak up on a fish, but the groups are loud and acting like some kids on recess.  That’s why they try to get out ahead of everyone so they can corner a fish.

Jose is up next.  Skipper directs him into the hole.  Catfish will defend their dens and the fish is definitely fighting Jose.  He keeps it pinned and pulls him up.  It’s a good size fish.  A blue catfish weighing in at 20 pounds!

Kevin is now trying to find a fish.  He’s nervous.  He has to use his foot to bring it to him.  He reaches in with his hand and the fish comes up and bites him hard.  Kevin is screaming “oww” over and over again.  Everyone is laughing at Kevin.  They’re having so much fun watching Kevin that Skipper takes a little extra time to string the fish.  He finally does and Kevin pulls up a 12 pound blue catfish.

They go about 20 yards down the river and find a fish den with a fish in it.  Now it’s Joe’s turn.  Joe’s got his hand in and laughing up a storm.  It’s clearly nervous laughter but Skipper and Jackson are there for encouragement.

On catfish corner, the question is “True or false? Catfish can walk on land.”  What’s the answer?  Well tune in to find out!

Joe winds up letting the fish go.  They’re all picking on him.  He’s relieved that he doesn’t have to deal with the fish, but as it turns out there’s another fish in the hole.  Joe is screaming like a little girl.  As Kate says, he “sounded like a wild turkey.”  The interviews with Skipper and particularly Jackson are hilarious!  Joe puts his hand in the fish’s mouth and starts making some very strange sounds.  Everyone is laughing so hard that they’re practically in tears.  Jose says he sounds like Julia Child.  Jackson is also laughing so hard.  This is one of the funniest scenes this season!  Finally after all of that, Joe gets the fish!  It’s a feisty 6 pound channel catfish.

Day 2 and everyone is getting ready.  Lots of sand is coming out of everyone’s jeans pockets.  Now it’s time for the ladies to catch some fish.  They’re heading downstream on the Red River where there is deeper water.  And that means bigger fish.

Linda gets her feet into a hole and goes as far as she can without going underwater.  She holds her breath and goes underwater.  She’s fearless.  But she doesn’t feel anything.  Jackson is impressed as is Skipper with how brave she is to go into that hole.

Skipper finds a big hole with a fish that starts to run and he calls over Kate.  He tells her to put her hand in its mouth.  She finds that the fish actually comes to her, not what she expected.  She pulls him out and it’s a flathead!  And it weighs in at 15 pounds.

Jackson and Skipper secure a hole for Linda while everyone takes a breather.  Linda dives right in and is fearless.  She reaches in and the fish starts flapping its tail in her face and dives straight down back into the hole.  This is a first for Skipper.  She wraps the string twice and pulls the fish out!  It’s a 10 pound flathead.

The next day they move on to “monster fish territory.”  Jackson is addicted to watermelon and as they’re driving he comes across a bunch of them.  He leaves a $10 bill and grabs one!

Skipper’s decided that because Joe and Kevin have caught the smallest fish, they’re getting the best shot at a big fish.  Joe’s the first one in and he can tell it’s a big hole.  They shove him into the hole.  He pops up and says he felt it.

Joe shouts “It’s huge!  It’s huge!  Oh my god!”  But as Skipper and Jackson come to find out, there’s no fish!  Joe really thought he felt a fish.

Skipper and Jackson have a fish.  It’s a feisty one and they’re looking forward to giving it to Joe.  It’s pure entertainment time for them and everyone else!   He sticks his foot in and the fish has his foot.  Joe starts screaming.  The fish lets go and goes back into the hole.  And now Joe knows he’s got to do this.  The fish gets his foot again.  Joe’s screaming like a little girl.  But he does pull the fish out and gets a 15 pound blue catfish!  He names it “Kevin.”

It’s time for the next victim.  Jackson tells Kevin to “pull up” his “big-girl panties” and come over.  Time is running out and they give him one more chance to get this fish.  A blue catfish will attack anything that comes into his den.  The fish has Kevin’s sock.  Kevin screams out loud as it bites his foot.  Again, everyone is laughing hard.  The fish gets really mad when Skipper goes down to string it.  But he pulls it out and gets it!  He gets a 15 pound blue catfish.

The show ends with a big ‘ole fish fry.  They reminisce about the previous days’ events.  Everyone had a great time.  And yes, everyone is still making fun of Joe for screaming out like a little girl!  The winner of this week is Jose with a solid 20 pound fish.  He gets to wear the hat at the dinner table.

This is one of the funniest, most entertaining episodes yet on Hillbilly Handfishin’!

Stay tuned until next week!

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  • kathyanddave says:

    We absolutely LOVE this show. With the way the world is these days, it is great to find a show that is so much fun to watch and laugh to the point your sides hurt. THANK YOU! Life has been difficult lately & this show is just what the doctor ordered. Light-hearted and good clean fun… well with OK mudd maybe not clean… but you get the point! THANK YOU ! We now have every episode DVR’d. Fans for as long as you make us laugh ! Blessings & Hugs

  • Rhonda says:

    Laughing with tears running down our face watching this episode! Joe and Kevin were hysterical!! This has to be the best one I have seen yet!
    I dvr’d it and watched it again this morning…..great way to start the day…with a laugh!!

    • Kevin from Hillbilly Hand Fishin Episode 6 says:

      This was an awesome expereince. I’m so glad I had a chance to be a part of this Show.. Jackson and Skipper are really great people. It was a lot of fun and got me way outside of my comfort zone. I may have screamed but my scream was more manly than Joe’s. 🙂

  • I had a blast on the show. It was a great experience and totally got me out of my comfort zone. I would do it again in a hearbeat. Skipper and Jackson were great people and made the experience fun.

  • I’m so glad that I got a chance to experience this. It was a blast. Skipper and Jackson and the crew were all great people. I can’t wait to do it again.

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