Outside of the panels and exhibits that are staples at Comic Con, the Con provides its attendees with tons of free goodies, collectibles, and exclusive events.  Though the Convention event gives its attendees these freebies, as well as access to these events for free, attendees typically are forced to do a little homework  to a.) acquire the rarer items or b.) to receive an invite to the more exclusive events. Curious to see some of these rare items and learn about some of the exclusive events provided at at this year’s Comic Con?  Then look no further…….

Item: Captain America T-Shirt

How you get it: Attending Comic Con’s Advance Screening of Captain America: The First Avenger on Thursday (July 21st) morning.

Features: Shirt came in either red (like the pic below), white, or blue; sported Cap’s signature symbol on the front of the shirt; on the back, had a statement that read, “The first to see the First Avenger.”


Captain America Tee (front)


Captain America Tee (back)



Item: Limited Edition Captain America 3-D Glasses

How you get it:  Attending Comic Con’s Advance Screening of Captain America: The First Avenger on Thursday (July 21st) morning.

Features: Glasses are in the signature red & blue of Captain America; on the arm, reads, “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

Limited Edition Captain America 3D Glasses (side)


Limited Edition Captain America 3D


 Item: Limited Edition Captain America Poster 

How you get it:  Attending Comic Con’s Advance Screening of Captain America: The First Avenger on Thursday (July 21st) morning.

 Features: Character images from the film…..

LE Captain America Poster


LE Captain America Poster (closeup)



Item: Cowboys and Aliens Gold Brick & World Premiere Badge

How you get it: Prior to Comic Con week, you had to “like” the Cowboys & Aliens Facebook Page; the Facebook page soon notified its members to text COWBOYS to a specified number; throughout Comic Con week text messages were sent out by the said number notifying its recipients to go to deginated areas in downtown San Diego and find “Cowboys” handing out gold bricks; the Gold Bricks functioned the same way as the “golden Wonka tickets,” each carrying not only a t-shirt or a toy bracelet weapon (worn by Daniel Craig’s character in the film), but also a tear-off ticket which could potentially invite you to the World Premiere of Cowboys & Aliens; for those whose ticket read, “Congratulations!,” also received additional info on their ticket telling them where they could pick up their badge (which would permit them into the premiere and its after-party).      


Click on picture above to watch vid of Gold Brick…





Event: New Line Cinema’s Final Dimension 5 Happy Hour (July 21st)

How to get in: Prior to Comic Con, there were many online contests to get tickets to this event.  However, sometimes you just get lucky wandering around at Comic Con and get in (like I did…).

Features: Guests can check out some footage from the upcoming film; mingle with the cast and crew of the film in a bar that was constructed (in a parking lot near the Convention Center…I kid you not) specifically for the party; included at the party was some free food & alcohol, as well as some fun games…. which you can check out below….



Inside the Happy Hour Party……






Event: Fright Night Fan Appreciation (July 22nd)

How to get in: Compete in a texting contest at the Fright Night Panel. 

Features: Via text, winners were given the location of the party where they could mingle with the film’s cast and crew.  In addition, those invited to the party received an invite to the advance screening afterwards.  Party also included some fun “vampire-themed” finger food and some free drinks.   

Inside the party…..


Item: Limited Edition Fright Night 3D Glasses

How you get it: Attending Comic Con’s advance screening of Fright Night on Friday night (July 22nd).

Features: “Blood” red 3D glasses with Fright Night inscripted on one of the arms.  Included “coffin”-shaped case for the glasses.


LE 3D Glasses





Event: Cowboys & Aliens World Premiere (July 23rd)


How you get in: Present your Cowboys & Aliens badge (shown above) to security at the San Diego Civic Theater.  

Features: Besides attending the premiere with the cast & crew of the film, invitees were given a free popcorn (upon entering the theater) and a Cowboys and Aliens “7/11” Cup (upon leaving the theater).


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