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With just over 34 days remaining in the competition between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, I’m betting you would like to know what the current standings are.

NOTE: For information on the American Chopper Live – The Build Off Event between Sr., Jr. and Jesse James, click here.  And for the results of The Build-Off, click here!

As you all know there are essentially 2 competitions going on here and there are bragging rights for winning each, or better yet both of the competitions.

Those competitions are for popularity of the bike for each bike and then more importantly in my opinion, which bike raises the most money for charity in the auction.

At the time of this post here are the current standings:


Paul Sr.: 8,100 members have chosen his Cadillac bike.
Paul Jr.: 124,161 members have chosen his Cadillac bike.

So that means currently, Paul Jr. is beating Paul Sr. by over 15 times the amount of members!

Charity Auction:

Paul Sr.: has a current high bid of $50,000
Paul Jr.: has a current high bid of $110,000

And that means that Paul Jr.’s bike is currently being auctioned for over twice the price of his fathers.

Of course the race could change, but at this point, it looks like Paul Jr. is winning both competitions. But let’s face it, the real winner here will be the kids from Cure Duchenne. Check out images of each bike below.

Paul Sr.’s bike:

Paul Sr.

Paul Jr.’s bike:

Paul Jr.


  • Pat says:

    There was never any doubt in my mind Jr. would win. He is a visionary and has always been the creative force of OCC. Great work Paul Jr. Love you!

  • Zanatos says:

    I don’t understand why senior went with a bobber.

    Bobbers are low-tech, stripped-down, no-frills motorcycles that completely sacrifice style and comfort for speed.

    Other than going fast, how does a bobber motorcycle reflect the state-of-the-art, high-tech, luxurious design of the new Cadillac? The short fenders, rigid suspension and strange, gray-paneled gas tank design don’t look anything like a Cadillac.

    Junior’s bike with its low stance, air-scoop gas tank with the Cadillac hood top, over-sized front wheel, fancy air-ride swing arm suspension, contrasting black/chrome engine details, wide rear tire, and Cadillac tail lights creates a more accurate image of the Cadillac brand.

  • Albeto says:

    Jr. and Vinney are awesome! I watch American Chopper because of them. It is nice to see Vinnie get his due too!

  • Bruce says:

    I’m not so sure the results so far aren’t more about taking sides in the senior vs. junior dispute than which bike better represents Cadillac. For me, senior’s bike focuses on the performance aspect of the Cadillac where junior’s captures the overall sense of luxury & performance. No matter how hard they try to re-brand themselves, the fact is, if you’re going to buy a high-end pure performance car; it probably would not be a Cadillac.

  • Hassan Baba says:

    Junior is way better designer than Jason. He has vision and flair and knows how to please the wider audiance. OCC crew run their mouth but could not deliver even though they had an advantage in numbers and machinery. Junior and vinnie has smoke them.

  • Raymond J says:

    remember Sr. once said “They (PJD) could never make bikes like we do in a million years”. well… pride goes before a fall! PJD has proved to be “exclusive” and Paul Jr. has kept his unique identity in his creations.

  • Bob Delva says:

    Sr seems like an uneducated lucky man. Thank Jr that he is rich. Anyone who destroyes things like does has to have a MENTAL problem

  • Gary Nelson says:

    The one big thing Paul Sr does not understant design wise is the thing that had him at Paul Js throat all the time, over time. It is the same thing that put Pauls Jr’s design work on a higher plain. Jr is an artist and his bike building is a true art form. Art takes time to visualise and make work mechanically. Jr’s art work is exactly what put OCC on the map and Sr will never admit it. Is it any wonder Jr didn’t like coming to work at OCC when all he had to look forward to was his fathers mouth? To bad he never had a “Dad”. To say Paul Sr bent the truth about Paul Jr would be a grose understatement.

  • kevin young says:

    i have watched the show from the start,and i am a this day i still cant understand sr. and his ego.he should be so proud of his kids everything they do reflects on him.Sr. stop being a dickhead you only have one shot at life you have been very blessed so eat some crow, and be proud instead of in competition with your sons.Your fans want to see you to the right thing you owe it to them,they also helped you become have a big heart now show it to your family.

  • David says:

    PJD will win both competitions hands down and deservedly so.

  • Dave says:

    OCC built a bike for us about 5 years ago. We used them because of the vision Paul Jr. had. We completely stopped watching the show after Jr left the shop and only started watching again because of his and Vinie’s return. The show is borring without Jr’s creativity. Paul Sr. can have the best designers money can buy along with the best equipment. And still the shapes Jr and Vinie come up with using a torch and a hammer would be the best by far. I hope Sr can overlook his ego so the two of them can come back together. If not OCC will fail and the only thing left will be PJD.
    Jr’s bike wins hands down.

  • William Evans says:

    Paul Senior is crushed by PJD, the new premier build team. Time to retire.

  • hamburgerhound says:


  • Patricia K says:

    Jr.’s bike is so much more beautiful. Glad he is winning.

    Daddy is an egomaniac of the worst kind -my opinion. Can’t believe he uses that foul mouth on his own sons. Ick!

  • Joy Miller says:

    Both of these men are special people in different ways, Paul Jr. is the creative master and always has been. Paul Sr. has made a lot of mistakes but he has come back and built a business and a good living. It is clear he loves his kids but doesn’t know how to be a father. It would be nice is all If them would receive counseling, that they reunite and contiue with a great show doing what they do best, building wonderful bikes. I pray for all the family, they really have good hearts. Paul Sr. won’t be around forever, Mikey and Paul Jr. maybe you should just overlook all your Dad’s flaws, show him your love and God will take care of the rest!!! Thanks for letting the world share in your joy and pain.

  • Roger O. says:

    I feel most of the previous comments too. There is room for just one more comment… Sr has been trying to downgrade the other son’s accomplishments (Dan’s too) just to make himself seem better and grander rather than see the problems in himself. This is a typical psychological issue. He will be the downfall of the OCC business and everything that is left in the business and personal life. I hope that the other guys in the OCC business will see the light and be able to get a job with PJD if JR will be able to look past the comments that they have been making against him to let them come to his business for a job. Maybe this will happen. Rick is the only one that I really want this to happen for.

  • ED C says:

    Sr.’s an a$$wipe. And Jason Poole, what a piece of donkey dung. Jr. and Vinnie have so much more talent. Would love to see Rick defect.

    • Mike says:

      ED, I think what may have sadly but logicly played a bit of a large part there was most likely the ability to even have an oppertunity to step up and take over in a more promminent position within the company ranks. We ALL or should ALL be aware about all the little feeble infighting over stupid positions even at establishments such as bloody McDonalds FFS, to claw and backstab your way up the ladder, and we all have seen it done for nothing more than a pat on the back, recgonition in front of your peers, and as little as a 10 Cent raise in some cases.

      All that said Rick is a very skilled worker, he’s proven time and time again he know’s what he’s doing, can work quickly and competently and get stuff done on time, no longer has to live under Jr’s shadow, and is now one of OCC’s lead builders and now works on the hotest projects of OCC, more camera time, more fans, I wouldn’t doubt he gets a nice raise for his new position, and his Ideas and persosnal things get to go onto the bikes. Things like this alone I am more than sure must have paid a large part in some of the descision making process.

      I am sure there so very much more than that going on, all kinds of factors influencing their decesions, but as stated I am sure this was of some notable influence as to why some stayed behind with Sr.

  • Doug says:

    I keep waiting and waiting to have the Discovery Channel finally officially list the winner of this Cadillac build-off, but they seem to be totally avoiding announcing a winner on the program. I’ve written to both Cadillac and the DC this week several times, and finally got back this reply directly from the Discovery Channel…

    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for contacting Discovery Channel.

    It is especially gratifying to know our viewers are interested enough to
    ask insightful and detailed questions. Following is the information you
    have requested about American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior:

    In this season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, both Paul Teutul Sr.
    and Paul Teutul Jr. faced off in a Cadillac build-off, with a victory of
    Junior taking the win.

    Thank you again for expressing your interest in our programming.


    Viewer Relations
    Discovery Communications

    With Senior in foreclosure on his mega-shop, in worse family relations than ever, I’m sure this would be something the gang at OCC doesn’t want to be officially shared (too bad).

  • Steve says:

    Paul jr, Vinnie and nub’s, perfect combination! Sorry your dad is such an ass! He reminds my of the old Daffy Duck cartoons! IT’S ALL MINE, MINE, MINE, I started watching your show because of you, and I’m still watching this because of you, hope Rick shows up soon in your shop, guess that’s wishful thinking though! Lovin the PJD!!!

  • John says:

    I honestly believe sr. has some sort of mental disability. I have read where he has been linked to a dentist in florida he bought steriods from. Maybe thats his problem. Its a shame that he has to slam jr. all the time calling him a not talent, when everyone knows it was jr. that made occ what is is. As for Jason, hell anyone can draw a bike with all thecomputer software he has. Jr’s designs come out of his head not a computer. I almost feel sorry for the old man, all the occ guy’s are kissing his ass and telling him what he wants to hear because he sign’s the paychecks. See how loyal they are when occ fails. Oh by the way, I really don’t feel sorry for sr., he is an asshole that is his own worst enemy and has personaly destroyed his family for the $$$$$.

  • Rich Williams says:

    Both bikes are awesome, I hate to see the OCC name go to the dog’s but face it. Jr always had the designs in his head. and that jerk off Paul sr has for a designer OMG get a life asshole. They only way sr every made it at all was because he acts like a jack ass on national TV. The good thing about both Sr and Jr they have raised a shit ton of money for veterans and other people in need I hope that never changes.. but I have to agree with the most here Jr took the Bike on this one..

  • Keith Good says:

    There’s one thing everybody is forgetting, they keep saying Paul Jr. and Vinnie, Paul Jr. and Vinnie. Well there’s somebody else on thier team that they can’t do without and that’s thier outstanding sheet metal fabricator.(I’m very sorry I can’t remember his name at this time. I will get back on here and give him his due recognition!!)But anyway, without somebody to build those killer tanks and fenders and stuff they wouldn’t get very far!! He makes up BIG part of the team, so let’s try and remember thier’s more to it than just Paul Jr. and Vinnie, Paul Jr. and Vinnie.
    Thanks, Keith

  • loretta says:

    It seems to me Paul Sr. has gone hi tech while Paul Jr. is building bikes the way Paul Sr. used to do it. Of course, without Paul Jr’s vision, he relies on Jason to build bikes. Paul Jr. is in competition with himself, he is focused on his business. Paul Sr. has become obsessed with tearing Paul Jr. apart. It is a stupd. Mike has the right idea, get his Dad into counseling to figure out why he hates his son for having what he gave him, a life, a love, a passion, and talent for bike building.

  • RICK PARKER says:

    The only reason I watch American Chopper is because of PJD. If Jr and Senior had separate shows I would never watch Senior! When Sr and crew killed Jr in effigy by running him over a ramp, that was the very last straw for me to have any respect for the OCC crew, including the producers that made the decision to put crap on a show which kids presumably watch. Rick should go over to PJD before he gets sucked down the drain with Sr and the all of his buttkissers! If Sr doesn’t get his head out of the clouds and doesn’t start working to get his sons back he will eventually die a broken lonely old man!

  • Toronto Azzurri Football says:

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  • Gene Rich says:

    Paul Sr. your an ASS. Your his father start acting like one. Someone asked on here why you act the way you act, I have the answere your a biker. Your a 100% old school biker and that makes you a hard guy. Listen up, make up with your son, tell him you love him. He’s a good kid. You should be very proud of him. Paul Jr. let your hard guy attitude down you know its killing you that you and your father arent talking, if he isnt man enough to apologize to you you show him that you are the bigger man. I really like you guys, make up. Take Care and God Bless.

  • top bike race game says:

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  • tires says:

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  • Mike says:

    Not suprised with how it all came out Jr just had a better public image and friendly nice guy Aura about him. As far as the Sr./Jr thing goes all one needs look at is all 3 of his kids don’t want anything do do with him, including the one son we don’t see much of that took over Sr.s Steel business. Sr to me seems very ignorant to whats going on and has went on, He won’t admit a damn thing and compliment others, and sees himself as the grand architect behind all the sucess of OCC. Great men don’t often use the word and letter “I” and “Me” very often. It’s always him. Now that he’s sourounded with the tools, shop, reputation, and the skilled man power it gets even worse as he figures it was all him Jr or no after Jr. left. We can clearly see Jr and Vinnies work on their own were PURLY the innovative, creative bike building, art, and design all while incorporating theme bikes relevant themes, over Sr.s stuff which Seems to have reverted back to being rather pain jane without the Jr. Influence.

    I Firmly Believe that Jr. flat out deserved to win the bike build on it’s own merrits and no special favoritism and prefferential treatment, which it did, and dfully deserved to. The work speaks for itself. As Does SR.s pathetic relationship with his 3 son’s whom clearly don’t want to deal with his antics just further paints such a clear, and concice picture as to Sr being a flat out Douche bag.

    Just my oppinion, but 85% of anyone profetional, public, and expert alike all seem to agree on over the minority who still support OCC. I still wish OCC all the success in the world, but I wish nothing but the very best for Jr,vinni and PJD to leave Sr’s shadow in the dust and get their due they rightly deserve flat out on their merrits alone. Cheers, Mike.

  • jame says:

    all you do is play the s someone over in over .when are you going to play new onw

  • jame says:

    when are youi all going to play new show the someone are geting old

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