April 1, 2011


Every kid loves Easter. I remember when I was a kid getting the egg dye kits and sitting down with my mother and sister and painting eggs for hours. You can be as creative as you want and I tried to personalize my eggs as best as I could. I knew that once Easter came, I’d be searching all over the house for the eggs and my basket would be filled with chocolates, jelly beans, and solid milk chocolate bunnies. So a movie that revolves around the Easter bunny should be cute, cuddly, and remind you of all of those memories right? Well, it should be. Should.

Sometimes Hollywood seems to think that the topic that a movie revolves around is good enough. “That’ll bring people to the seats,” they probably say. But what they forget is that there needs to be a compelling story and plot to keep people in those seats. And in this case, there simply isn’t.

Hop is directed by Tim Hill and revolves around the son of the Easter bunny (Hugh Laurie) named E.B. (Russell Brand). E.B. has been raised his whole life to become the Easter bunny when his father retires. As a small kid he’s excited at the opportunity, but once he reaches his teen years, like a typical rebellious teen, he’s no longer interested. He’d rather be in a band and play the drums than deliver candy all over the world.


So he decides to run away from home and goes to Los Angeles. Of course his first stop to try and get a place to live would be where all the bunnies in L.A. live…the Playboy mansion. This is probably the funniest moment in the whole movie. But, of course he’s turned away and accidentally gets hit by Fred O’Hare (James Marsden). As a result he invites himself to stay with him for a short time.

Fred is a slacker and doesn’t know what interests him or what he wants to do with his life. His family even has an intervention for him. E.B. and Fred have their own little adventures after this point. Fred is searching for a job, while dealing with E.B. And E.B. auditions for David Hasselhoff as a drummer.


Although mildly amusing, yet pretty disgusting, we learn that one of the things that make E.B. special and that all the Easter Bunnies can do is that when they go to the bathroom, jelly beans actually come out. I’ll warn you that someone is bound to be eating some of them.


I like Russell Brand as an actor. He’s kind of all over the place but he’s able to hold down a role well. He did a good job vocalizing his character, but the role itself just doesn’t offer him up anything I really wanted to hear him say. The movie is rather boring and unfunny most of the time. It’s short, but bring your watch, because you’ll be checking it every 10 minutes or so.

Movies that feature a specific holiday as its central theme never seem to do that well in the box office. Sure, there are some surprise hits like The Santa Clause, with Tim Allen. But those are a rarity. Save yourself your time and hard earned money and skip out on this one.


Reel Film News Movie Review by Bill Ayres

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  • heiresschild says:

    this was one of the few children’s movies that i actually liked. i liked the human characters mixed with the animated characters. James Marsden is cute, and that, along with Russel Brand’s voice for EB helped to make it enjoyable for me. i laughed a lot during the movie and never once looked at my watch. I do agree with you that there was no “compelling” story or plot, but still the storyline there was was cute.

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