What would you do if you could take a drug that would open your mind to everything around you? Something that could allow you to access every part of your brain, 100%? Most people would probably to anything they possibly could to get a hold of a substance like this. It would make you smarter, make you quicker, and would allow you to accomplish almost anything possible out there. Some people might even kill for it, or cause harm to someone else as a result of the demand.

This is a movie that asks yourself what would you put yourself through to succeed. If you knew that a drug was going to potentially kill you, or cause you pain, would you continue to use it simply to advance your personal goals and be a seemingly better person? And if a drug changes you into someone who you weren’t, are you really a better person, or the same person for that matter?

Limitless is directed by Neil Burger and stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra. Eddie is a struggling writer that has a book deal but can’t seem to get anything onto paper. He looks like a drug addict but as he puts it, anyone who looks like that and isn’t, has to be a writer. One day he meets his former brother-in-law on the street and they grab a drink together. He tells him that he’s struggling and the brother-in-law offers him a single pill that he says will change his life completely. With nothing to lose Eddie takes it and within seconds seems to have total clarity of everything in life.


He immediately gets done with much of his book and when the drug wears off, he seeks more pills. After running some errands for his brother-in-law he comes back to find him dead and his place raided. He knows that whoever was there was looking for the pills and eventually finds his supply. He starts to take the pills and he completely changes into someone who is successful and amasses a great deal of wealth.

His portfolio in the stock market draws the attention of Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro) who is a very powerful and successful man in the stock market. He starts to mentor Eddie and the two of them work on a very large merger. All the while Eddie is dealing with his bookie who wants the pills and a mysterious man who keeps showing up and is following him. It turns into chase and Eddie is struggling to survive and stay alive.


I thought Bradley Cooper did a good job in the movie. He has a certain amount of charisma about him that surrounds him on screen. He’s a likeable guy and his character is one we all can relate to. DeNiro is a strong presence in the movie as well and he does a very good job. He’s not necessarily the enemy, but he’s someone who wants to use Eddie as much as he possibly can.

The movie is a bit slow in the beginning, but once you get half way in, the movie moves at a fast pace and winds up moving at the right pace. It’s a good movie and one that most people will enjoy. Just stay off the drugs before you go see this one!


Reel Film News Movie Review by Bill Ayres

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