Well fellow NFL fans, it appears that the worst scenario has befallen us.  This coming season will see an NFL Player’s Lockout! Click after the break to read more…..This past Friday, as you well know by now (unless you have been living under a rock), saw  the utter breakdown between the NFL (and team owners) and its players.  While many folks have heard or read what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has had said about the matter, thanks to Football News Now, we have a snippet of what Redskins GM Bruce Allen had to say.

According to the article, Allen regarded the decision to lock out the players, “a difficult, but necessary step.”  Siding with the owners, Allen stated on the Redskins website , “the union’s (player’s union) abandonment of bargaining and subsequent decertification led to the league’s difficult but necessary step to lock out, something we tried hard to avoid.”  He went on to say, “the offer that the union walked away from was fair and addressed many key issues, including a rookie compensation system, enhanced player healthy and safety measures, improved retired player benefits and compromises on the union’s financial demands.”

Seeing that the upcoming football season won’t officially kickoff until this fall, perhaps we’ll see the league, the owners, and its players come to some sort of agreement or compromise?  As it stands now, however, the chances of a 2011-2012 season aren’t looking too good.

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